Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 109 Unfortunately


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Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 109

Dio sighed; he knew that Tony was straight out bad at expressing gratitude and apology! So, he let Tony be himself; it’s not going to change anything even if he demanded Tony to respect him or something.

“So, I need to tell you that there is no way that I will serve you any cheeseburger here, and I need you to take off your shirt!” Dio said confidently.

“Hey, I know that this place isn’t a burger joint, and I know that you are a handsome man, but I don’t swing that way! I am sorry!” Tony said sarcastically.

“You know that my business is above making food to fuel everybody’s stomachs! If you know what I am talking about, it would be wise for you to follow it!” Dio said, annoyed by Tony’s constant remark.

Tony was silent for a while, which made Pepper a little bit worried. She had confidence in Dio’s ability after asking many of her friends who already came to Dio’s restaurant.

After a while, Tony rejected Dio’s order, which made Pepper mad once again. She said, “Tony, you know, I’m worried about you. You should live like a normal person, not a robot. You need to care about your body!”

Pepper’s word made Tony thought for a while and immediately took off his shirt so Dio could check on his chest.

Dio noticed that the webbing from Palladium poisoning wasn’t visible just yet.

Dio knew that once the webbing already reached the stage where it was visible, Tony will be in deep trouble!

“You know that this Arc Reactor you are using is eating your body, right?” Dio said casually.

“Wow, your analysis is very good.” Tony answered with a witty remark, which Dio knew would happen because, with Tony’s genius mind, he wouldn’t believe Dio’s reasoning without a proof!

So, without making another statement, Dio walked toward his kitchen and started to cook a dish for Tony.

“Did anything that he said just now were true?” Pepper asked Tony as Dio move to the kitchen.

“No! I would never risk my life like that!” Tony answered confidently.

But the truth was, he knew that the Arc Reactor was slowly poisoning him as Dio said.

Within a few minutes, Dio came back with a glass of green drink that looked like a disgusting kale juice!

The drink really looked horrible, which made Tony frowned.

“What type of grass is this juice made of?” Tony asked wittily.

“It’s a special weed, specially made to extend your life and remove the toxin that is circulating your body right now!” Dio answered while smiling amusedly.

After hearing Dio’s word, Tony immediately said, “Let’s changing the restaurant.”

Pepper immediately said, “It’s maybe not as bad as it looked.”

Pepper tried to reach for the glass to try it herself, but Dio immediately told her, “No, you aren’t poisoned, and the drink should be drunk as a whole!”

Pepper’s face turned pale after hearing that Tony was poisoned. She looked at Tony worriedly as she was afraid that Tony could be dead unknowingly to her.

“You know, it was bad to lie to your customer! If I were poisoned, how could I sit here and chat casually with you!” Tony said frustratedly.

“Well, if you don’t believe me, you don’t have to drink it and go. But next time, this glass of drink will not be $100.000 anymore!” Dio said confidently.

“$100.000! You must be kidding me! How can a disgusting looking drink like this be that expensive!?” Tony said in a surprised manner. He immediately stood up and took his jacket while telling Pepper, “We should leave this place, we can’t trust him!”

“I am sorry for his rudeness, is Tony really poisoned?” Pepper apologized to Dio.

Dio answered honestly, “It’s the truth. You should look out for him and minimize his reason to use the armor because that will quicken the poison spreading across his body!”

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