Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 110 Avengers Invitation


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Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 110

Before leaving Dio’s restaurant, Pepper left him a $100.000 check even though she didn’t really believe that a cup of green juice would be that expensive.

Pepper left after that, while Natasha walked in.

“Well, thank you very much for introducing me to a prick!” Dio said as he saw Natasha walking in.

“At least they didn’t leave you with nothing!” Natasha said while giggling a little bit and pointing her finger toward the check on the table.

“If they didn’t come here today, I would make much more money than this!” Dio said grumpily.

“Now, what would you do? You don’t have any customer for the day, right?” Natasha asked curiously.

“Home. Sleep!” Dio said annoyedly.

“Would you like me to come too? I could make your sleep much more pleasurable!” Natasha teased.

“No, thanks!” Dio said as he looks at Natasha with disgust.

“I am kidding! Now, I would like to invite you out on dinner later tonight.” Natasha said while giggling at her own joke.

“Is this has anything to do with SHIELD again?” Dio said while sighing.

He didn’t believe dinner was all Natasha wanted, with Natasha’s personality and the past experience, he knew that Natasha had to have a mission from the SHIELD. He didn’t want to get into trouble again like last time, so he just ignored Natasha and saw if she still insisted on inviting him on or not.

True enough, Natasha innocently said, “It is only a meal and a casual chat. Nothing more!”

“Okay, okay. I will come with you tonight!” Dio said while sighed annoyedly.

On the other side of town, Tony has arrived at his house with two Cheeseburger on hand and a large glass of coke!

As soon as he arrived, he called Jarvis as he wanted to enhance his armor even further. As he walked around, he finally noticed an uninvited guest was sitting on his sofa.

“Did you think that you are the only superhero on this planet? Regretfully, this thought of yours was not true!” Nick Fury said confidently.

“Who are you? How can you enter my house?” Tony said with a surprised look on his face.

“I am Nick Fury! The Director of SHIELD!” Nick Fury said while smirking confidently.

Tony, who has been in contact with SHIELD for several times, paused for a moment, but as he wanted to ask another question, Nick beat him to it!

Nick immediately gave Tony a document with the letters ‘AVENGER INITIATIVE’ written on it.

Tony was confused for a moment, but Nick immediately said, “Avengers is the name of the superheroes alliance! Avengers would have a single mission of defending the earth from the forces that will threaten the earth.”

Tony immediately mocked Nick, “Your vision sounded a lot like a comic book plot.”

But Nick looked at Tony with a serious face which made Tony calm down and knew that Nick wasn’t joking.

“The SHIELD had monitored your action even before you became Iron Man, and SHIELD had also saved you on several occasions. Did you know why SHIELD did any of that?” Nick said confidently.

“My handsome face? My intelligence? Or perhaps it was my money?” Tony said indifferently.

“That is correct! We only save you because of your vast intellect! Just like your old man!” Nick said, while smirking a little bit.

That fact has thrown by Nick soon silent Tony completely and was able to make him serious.

“You know my father?” Tony asked seriously.

“Of course! Your father was a brilliant man with genius-level intelligence. In fact, Howard Stark was one of the founders of SHIELD!” Nick said confidently.

Nick noticed that Tony was confused about all that, so he added, “SHIELD didn’t tell you before because we decided to protect you from behind the scene as we don’t want to disturb your life. But since the earth is in imminent danger, we need your participation to stop whatever it is that threatening the earth!”

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