Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 111 Refuse


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Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 111

“This is it? This is all the information you have?” Tony said disappointedly.

“There is more, but I can’t show it to you out of confidentiality of the document. You can access it by joining the SHIELD!” Nick Fury said confidently.

“So, I need to join this Avengers thing to read it?” Tony said confusedly.

“Yes, that is so!” Nick said confidently.

“Then, I refuse! There is no point in seeing what my old man did while I already surpassed him! And this superhero thing is ridiculous! Jarvis will see you out.” Tony said confidently.

Jarvis immediately told Fury to follow his voice as Tony finished speaking.

Nick sighed and said, “We will meet again soon.”

Nick left the place willingly while intentionally left the document on Tony’s possession.

He knew that Tony and Howards’ relation was rather bumpy, and he knew letting Tony think for a while would be good!

In a private room on a certain japanese restaurant, Dio and Natasha were sitting opposite of each other while enjoying a fresh sashimi dish.

“The salmon here is really fresh.”

“I thought you would take me to a chinese restaurant.” Natasha said with a chuckle.

“I think you are not ready to eating authentic chinese food, and the ordinary chinese food without magical reform is in my eyes just a waste of ingredients. So let’s eat japanese food instead, as it is the freshest food in the world.”

“It seems a bit reasonable, but I still think that your food is better.”

“No, my business is a different matter, but seeing that you have spent so many times with me, I can give you a five percent discount next time,” Dio said.

His food worth more than ten thousand dollars, there was no way he would give it for free!

Natasha kept chatting like that was a casual dinner, which made Dio a little bit uneasy.

He kept responding wittily to every Natasha’s remark, he knew that there was no point thinking of things that he didn’t even know yet.

Eventually, their chat began to change into a more business-like tone, Natasha asked, “What do you think about SHIELD?”

Dio now understood the meaning of that dinner Natasha so insisted on, he knew that Natasha was sent to recruit him into joining SHIELD or the Avenger!

Dio said, “Nothing out of the ordinary.”

Natasha seemed to smile a little after hearing Dio’s answer.

She still had a shot on recruiting Dio.

After Dio rejected her charm that usually succeeds in reeling in her target, her confidence in her own ability was a little bit diminished.

Natasha said, “Nick Fury wants you to join SHIELD because he appreciates you so much and that he hopes you will use your ability for the right path!”

“The right path? Now, what is the right path? Is opening a restaurant and do business out of it, isn’t the right path? Is killing a politician who causes harm out of their lies, which will damage the young ones in the future, isn’t the right path? There are so many answers to this as there are so many people in the world! I don’t want to have the power to be the one who judges this right path of yours. I don’t want to shoulder that responsibility. I’m already happy with my own life. Therefore I will not join the SHIELD!” Dio said wisely.

“But that is the thing! It is not SHIELD that you will be joining. It would be a whole new organization!” Natasha said while smirking lightly.

Dio sighed, he finally understood that the Avengers Program must have been started!

He listened to Natasha explaining that the new organization would be named Avengers and described the way the Avengers will operate.

Dio already knew all that, so he didn’t really care about Natasha’s explanation.

He knew that Avengers was created for a good cause, but he also knew that eventually, people would want to control Avengers’ power for themselves, they will create mistrust and fear through the news to somehow depict Avengers as a mercenary playing god.

This would be the prelude of the Civil War among the heroes later!

Dio thought over the pros and cons that he would get by joining the Avengers and knew that there would be so much hassle on joining, plus Nick Fury created that Avengers Program out of respect to Captain Marvel who already showed off her power in Nick Fury’s early days.

Dio said, “I don’t want to play hero. You should ask other people instead of me.”

Dio put down his chopstick as he prepared to leave the restaurant.

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