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Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 112 Survivor


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Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 112

“So, he refuse?” Nick Fury asked.

“Yes, without hesitation!” Natasha said as she told Fury all that happened earlier.

“It seems that creating a superhero team was more difficult than I imagine!” Fury said as he rubbed his head in frustration.

But, no matter what, he must continue that Avengers Program! He couldn’t quit now after he had done so many things. He had to find a way to make Dio and Tony joined his team! He knew that earth would be facing some kind of crisis in due time!

“He wants to live his life peacefully and the way he wants it. He doesn’t want to bear the burden of saving humankind while he doesn’t want to protect it. He thought that protecting a human race was too much of a work for a simple human like him. I think we should give up on recruiting him.” Natasha said seriously.

“NO! giving up is not an option here, Natasha! His power is important! Having him on the team means having an assurance that the team couldn’t be killed! His life power is too amazing to be let go!” Fury said desperately.

“How about asking him to work for money? Have you already suggest that route?” Fury said hopefully.

“You mean we pay him to show up?” Natasha said confusedly.

“Yeah! Since he likes money so much, why don’t we give him just that!” Fury said hopefully.

Natasha thought about it for a moment, and she realized that even if Dio liked money, it probably wouldn’t be that simple!

“Dio is a man with a principle. I don’t think he will want to do it even if he got paid for it.” Natasha said.

Nick Fury noticed that Natasha was reluctant to agree with his idea of sending the injured SHIELD and the Avengers’ member for him to heal as a source of income, but he must come and show up if he was ever needed for the Avengers.

Nick Fury said, “You must find a way.”

Nick Fury dropped the case after telling Natasha his own way to recruit Dio, he added, “The agent who tracked Dr. Banner’s whereabout had found some clues, and you should prepare for your next mission once Dr. Banner has been located!”

Natasha nodded her head in understanding. She has just received two almost impossible missions from Nick Fury!

One was almost impossible since the target was too stubborn for Natasha to fool or convince, while the other was like a ticking bomb!

Once it detonated, Natasha didn’t think that she could detain the Hulk!

Regardless, those missions were just straight out impossible!

As Natasha wanted to leave the office, Nick informed her, “Barton would be back soon from his assignment, maybe he will be able to help you.” Natasha smiled a little as she left the place.

At the same time, Alexander Pierce, the former secretary of SHIELD and the current Secretary General of the International Security Council, was also reading the report regarding Dio and the Avengers initiative from his own office.

“Dio Brando! This name sounds familiar, did you know anything about this man?” Alexander asked one of his men.

“He was the sole survivor of the Middle Forest Project, Sir! He was the son of the couple who accidentally witnessed the brainwashing that our agent conducted to a level 5 agent of SHIELD due to negligence. We arranged the couple and their son to be killed while making it look like a gas leak!” the agent said confidently.

“We don’t know how he survived, but our agent had confirmed the death of everyone in the house before they left the scene, but miraculously the son survived and was brought to the hospital. We were about to eliminate the target once the target returned to his home but decided not to as the target seemed to lose his recent memory!” the agent said confidently.

After listening to the agent, Alexander remembered Dio, and he remembered that he was seriously pissed to hear that the Level 5 Agent escaped and that there were eyewitnesses in the vicinity.

After he ordered his agent to get rid of the eyewitness, he was still irritated by the whole incident.

He didn’t expect that the surviving member of the witness to be a master of a magical hamon energy and even possessed a healing ability!

That document was found inside of SHIELD’s confidential report in a secured database but, there was nothing that Alexander Pierce couldn’t access!

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