Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 113 Be Eyed


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Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 113

If it were not because of Nick Fury’s frequent check-up on the Agent of SHIELD, Alexander Pierce would have made many moves for the Hydra!

Dio was clearly a mistake made by his agent!

If Dio knew that Hydra killed his parent, then there was no doubt that Dio would become the enemy of Hydra!

Alexander called his agent, “I want to know the information about Dio! I need to make the first move before he could get any information regarding his parents or anything else. You should act carefully as not to raise suspicion.”

Soon Alexander started to receive reports regarding Dio Brando!

That included the probability that Dio was the one behind the Burned Drugs Incident in Washington, which Kingpin was in charge of!

Alexander smirked as he could use that information to pit Kingpin with Dio!

It was the same as killing two birds with one stone!

He immediately sent his agent to spread the information regarding Dio to the mafia gang. He smirked by himself, for he thought that Dio would be offed in due time by the mafia!

Soon, the information started to spread in the underworld, and that same information finally arrived at Kingpin’s ear!

“Where did you find this information?” Kingpin asked an Asian man who was kneeling in front of him with fear.

“I… I stole it, Sir!” the Asian man said nervously.

Knowing that he couldn’t trust a fear wrecked man, Kingpin said to his man, “Put him in a nice bedroom and give him some money to calm him down a little bit. As soon as he calms down, bring him here again.”

Ten minutes after that, the Asian Man returned to Kingpin with a little bit relaxed look on his face.

“Now, tell me everything you know! Rest assured! You will be rewarded for this.” Kingpin said casually.

“A middle-aged man accidentally bumped into me during the day, and seeing that the man looks like a rich man, I followed him to his house. After a few hours of a lookout, the man was gone from the house, I sneaked in and found this information on a briefcase on the studies inside the house.” The Asian Man said shyly.

The Kingpin knew that information was undoubtedly given to him intentionally, that was not the first time he got a hold of information with that exact way.

There must be something amiss, he thought, but he still had to follow that information up!

Kingpin told his men to check the house that the Asian Man mentioned in case there was anything unusual about the house and the man who lived there.

Kingpin thought that maybe he was walking right into a trap and knew that he needed to break that challenge and see who will live in the end. He knew that if the one giving that information wants the man on the information dead, he needs to pay for making him a gun for hire.

The information was too convenient to be anything but a trap!

It contained a photo of Dio and was full of information regarding him and the people that he was usually in contact with.

That irritated the big man immensely!

With that, he had one more man that he needed to take care of while the Punisher and the Daredevil haven’t been taken care of!

The one thing that concerned him a little bit was the Great Power that the information said regarding the target’s ability. He needed to investigate Dio for precautions!

At the same time, Dio was still serving his dish to many of his clients. He wondered if he will ever find another illegal gold dealer who would sell him a low-price gold again, without knowing that the mafia has targeted him!

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