Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 114 Hollywood Actress


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The next day, Dio’s fantasy restaurant still operated normally.

The guest kept coming per usual, Dio’s guest increased slowly, but surely as the rumors about his dishes were gradually spread.

There were so many people queueing for a time to dine in Dio’s fantasy restaurant that he started to get annoyed on how much phone call that he got in one day.

Dio didn’t allow anyone to cut in line, but he allowed buying reserved spots from his guests who already booked their spot beforehand.

Tony was one example of that, Dio kept rejecting his call for he didn’t give any special treatment to anyone, so Tony decided to track down and buy a seat for himself from the guest who was scheduled to come that day.

Some TV reporters even came to the restaurant to interview him for his unusual restaurant.

Dio, who wasn’t after fame, rejected the interview from the TV reporters, he even went out of his way as doubling Will’s salary to not tell anything to the reporters regarding the restaurant’s secrets.

Dio had to make sure that his business could run as long as he wanted, so he didn’t want to become famous only to get many backlashes from people who couldn’t afford to get a meal in his restaurant later on.

The next day, he was waiting for his first guest to come over, he will be serving a pair of twin sisters who once were a child star.

They were well known in Hollywood but, regardless of their fame, they didn’t get as many roles as they had in their childhood era.

The one that troubled Dio was that Hollywood actress was not as wealthy as people think.

So, he had to make sure that the guest could pay the bill before he even cooked his dish!

As the twins entered the restaurant with a man, Dio greeted them and asked, “Are you have any specific treatment that you want to get today?”

The twin answered, “Greetings Mr. Dio, we are Anna and Annie. Both of us want to have a face treatment, hair, and a weight loss!”

Dio quickly calculated the cost and said, “The bill was $600.000. Are you want to pay it with a credit card or a check or cash?”

Anna and Annie were a little bit surprised that Dio asked the payment on the front.

Anna asked, “Why the guests have to pay before the meal?”

Dio answered casually, “That is the restaurant’s new rules, and if the effect doesn’t meet the guest’s expectation, the money would be refunded fully.”

Dio has encountered a guest who seemed rich at first sight but in the end, couldn’t pay for her meal, she even resorted to offering her body to Dio as a way of payment, but Dio surely rejected her offer and threw her out as he immediately blacklisted her for coming to the restaurant ever again.

If he accepted her offer, there was no telling how many women would use it as a payment, and Dio was so damn sure that money would be much better than that.

The twin quietly nodded their head, and Anna asked, “Is there any discount that we can get? We only have $400.000 on our savings.”

Dio could tell that they were embarrassed by that situation.

If they weren’t able to get a role before coming there, they doubted that they would even have $400.000!

People didn’t know the truth about the actresses on Hollywood was; they only saw their glamorous lifestyle. They didn’t know that those actresses had to spend so much on cosmetics and what to wear for going out on public!

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