Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 115 Can a Blind Person be a Lawyer


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Female stars in Hollywood had it hard; they had to pay for an expensive treatment so that they could keep competing with their peers, while the male star only needed to watch for their physique.

That was why a female star on Hollywood while looking rich didn’t always mean that they have money for it.

Dio shook his head in rejection; he couldn’t let those two stars to dine in without money either.

So, he said,  “I can make two dishes each for the amount of $400.000, I can’t make any more than that.”

In desperation, the two sisters Anna and Annie, offered their body to Dio while saying, “Recently we have a 7-day holiday. Maybe you can find us a ‘vacation’ place. The three of us can play together.”

Anyone who heard that would have tempted seeing that the two sisters were still fit and hot, but for Dio, it was not worth the $200.000 that he would spend, so he rejected the two sisters’ offer once more while threatening to call the next guest instead!

“You are such an unfriendly guy.”

Anna and Annie looked frustrated but quickly agreed on having two dishes with $400.000; they didn’t have any power to force Dio to cook for them, so they just gave up and maybe came again when they had the money for the next meal.

After the treatment, Anna and Annie walked out of the restaurant with their head held high, their skin was freshened up, and their hair was rejuvenated like their hair when they were a kid.

Anyone could argue that they looked like teenagers instead of someone who was almost at their 30.

As for whether they could lose weight or not for their audition in a week, that was their own problem!

Will immediately jump and strangle Dio in frustration after the two sisters left the restaurant and said, “Why did you reject their offer? I can help if you don’t have enough stamina to play with them both!”

Dio laughed and said, “In your dream! By the way, it isn’t too late to chase after them if you really want to.”

“I don’t know what you are thinking, man! You don’t seem to enjoy your money at all! You moved but still rent your house. You get 60 months lease on your car, why would you live like this, man?” Will said with a strong rap sense.

Dio laughed again and said, “It’s called financial management. Most people use it to control their money flow better!”

Will was visibly annoyed by Dio’s comment and said, “It isn’t so hard to gain money, and therefore it shouldn’t be too hard to spend it either!”

Dio laughed and ordered, “Return to work and stop spouting nonsense!”

After that, Dio walked out of the restaurant to smoke for a while, but he kept getting the vibe that he was being watched and that something bad was coming.

After a while, a man with a black suit and a briefcase walked in the door, but Dio quickly apologized and said that the restaurant was only available after a reservation.

The man apologized and said, “I am coming after smelling some delicious smelling food. Can I have a glass of water? I am really thirsty and don’t know any convenient store around here.”

Dio suddenly noticed the guide stick that the man used and realized no wonder that the man couldn’t read the sign on the door.

Dio asked politely, “Are you only want water? I still have many other drinks too.”

The man said politely, “A glass of water is fine. I am sorry for the inconvenience.”

Even though Dio only worked for money, he never forgot his manner. He couldn’t just send away a blind man without giving the man some sort of replenishment for his day.

After giving the man a glass of water, Dio politely said, “I couldn’t serve any food to you, but I can show you the way to the nearest chinese restaurant.”

The man said, “Thanks, I am actually a lawyer and come here to meet with a client.”

Dio said, “Wow, a lawyer is a great job. Your client is very rude, not even give you water.”

The man said, “it’s okay, many people don’t believe that a blind man can be a good lawyer, but my job is good, I had already won several lawsuits for my clients.”

The man gave Dio his business card and said, “You can call me anytime if you ever need me.”

The man then left Dio’s restaurant politely while still saying that he was sorry for the inconvenience that he had caused.

Dio read the name card and saw that the man’s name was Matt Murdoch, he quickly flipped the card and saw that in the back of the card Matt has already written that Dio was being watched and someone wanted Dio dead so that he should leave the town as soon as possible!

Anyone would’ve considered a prank if they didn’t know who gave them the card, but as Dio read the name Matt Murdoch, he knew that the threat was real! He immediately knew why he constantly felt being watched, and something bad would happen; it seemed that he was being targeted!

The next question was who dared to bother him and why Matt Murdoch risked himself to come there to notify him personally?

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