Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 116 Who is the Hunter


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Dio tried to remember everything that he has done for the last couple of months as to know why the Daredevil would come to inform him that he was in danger like this. He doesn’t seem to cross any path with the Daredevil yet, but he knew that the Daredevil and Punisher were operating in Hell’s Kitchen.

The stranger thing was the fact that Matt Murdoch knew that he was being followed, but The SHIELD didn’t inform him about anything of the sort.

Dio didn’t know why he was being watched was the biggest throw off at the moment.

There was no enemy attacking was another reason that made him curious too, was it because they already knew of his power and then tried to observe and find out whether he had any weakness, or was it because they were waiting to capture him as to not make any big scene out of that.

Dio surely hoped that it was the latter.

If that was really the case, then he will try to find out about them after he closed the restaurant and prepared to go home later!

At 8 P.M, Dio waited outside of his restaurant while smoking a cigarette, Dio already considered all his option, he could call Natasha to ask about what happened right there and then, but he knew that he and SHIELD didn’t have any obligation toward each other, so he decided not to involve them, at the very least for the time being.

As for Will, Dio has requested for Pepper some help to take him to Stark Industries for his own safety; he was now treated like a long-time friend of Pepper.

Pepper agreed to help Dio because he had saved her on more than a single occasion, Will, of course, felt excited to have that opportunity!

Although he hated Tony, he still loved beauties, and Stark Industries had many beauties thanks to Tony’s playboy attitude in his early days.

Since he had nothing else to worry about, he started walking out of his restaurant vicinity, and sure enough, two unfamiliar faces approached him suspiciously.

Dio already knew that those people were up to no good from the tense atmosphere that shrouded them.

Dio flicked his cigarette towards the man in a playful manner.

But surely Dio wasn’t joking around, the cigarette buts were already filled with Hamon Energy, and as soon as he flicked it towards one of the men, the cigarette buts immediately flew towards the man’s head like a bullet, immediately put a hole in one of the man’s head!

The startled comrade immediately took out his gun and readied himself to shoot his target.

But as he aimed his gun, he realized that his target was no longer in front of him.

He looked around in fear as he couldn’t find the target in this open field, but suddenly, a voice spoke from his back, “Are you looking for me?”

The man was frightened beyond belief and immediately turned around and randomly shot his gun, but he didn’t hit anything, and the last thing he knew was a hand piercing through his body from behind!

Dio immediately shook his hand to get rid of the blood; he immediately sighed as even though he has just killed those two men, one of them still found the time to shoot their gun!

At the same time, he sensed a killing intent from far away, and he immediately realized that it must be a sniper!

He quickly shrunk his body using [Khnum] to avoid being hit and promptly hid on the nearby alley, and next, he needed to get rid of two troublesome mice!

At the same time, many footsteps could be heard around him, searching for their target as they thought that Dio has escaped!

But they didn’t know that Dio had no intention of escaping and was prepared to kill them all!

With the cover of the night, Dio seemed to have disappeared from the place, and the enemy was searching for him everywhere in the surrounding vicinity.

Dio quickly used his Hamon Energy like a knife, quickly cut the enemies who entered the alley that he currently hid in.

The thick bloody smell quickly attracted more enemies once as they entered the alley like their friends before, ready to shoot at anything that moved!

But they didn’t know that Dio attacked from above; they soon realize Dio’s attack was not ordinary, but they were already too late to notice that!

Their heads were already rolling out of their body!

They thought that they got an easy job to kidnap a restaurant owner, but it seemed that they were wrong, and worse, they ended up dead!

They didn’t know that they were the prey, not the hunter!

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