Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 117 The Strongest Assassin


After knowing that the identity of his attacker was only a mobster, Dio decides that the power of [The World] wasn’t needed!

In the alley, a total of five bodies were pilled one after another.

Another wave of mobsters came toward the alley once more after their friends never came out of the alley.

They were startled to see that their friends already became a pile of dead bodies in the alley.

“Contact others immediately to see who else was killed.” They didn’t know what method their target used to kill all of their friends.

“Everyone else can’t be reached.” They tried to contact all their friends who also participated in that job, but sadly, they couldn’t reach any of their phones!

He shakenly told his friends that he couldn’t reach any of the others!

They trembled as they thought that all of them must have been killed by the target too!

One of them immediately suggested, “We must escape from this place first! We were fooled, the target was well prepared.”

As soon as they were going to run away, a sound of footsteps came toward them from the dark alley.

“Who?!” They shouted for who was there as they aimed their gun towards the dark alley.

Immediately a panicked man came from the dark alley and said, “Don’t shot. It’s me!”

“It’s George, put your guns down.” One of the men recognized the panicked man.

They were relieved to see that one of their friends was still alive, they had to admit that they had no confidence to face their target now, but it was good to see a familiar face.

They asked, “Wait! I called you just now, why didn’t you answer it?”

The panicked man said, “I lost my phone because the target attacked us earlier, and I was lucky enough to escape the target’s attack!”

They were confused after hearing the panicked man’s story; they asked, “Why the target let you go?”

They didn’t see anyone else survived the target’s attack.

The panicked man answered, “I don’t know why, all I know is that the target has some unnatural power, and the rest of my groups have their heads fell off in a blink of an eye.”

The rest of them looked at the panicked man in fear; they knew that the panicked man was used as a bait to lure the rest of the mob to the target!

“You killed us! His goal must be to let you come out to find us on purpose, damn it!”

The leader of the group immediately asked, “Where is your gun?”

“I throw away my gun in a panic!”

The leader punched the panicked man in his face as he was frustrated by his stupidity.

The leader quickly said, “We must escape! This place isn’t safe anymore!”

The panicked man quickly smirked as he followed them all from behind.

The leader also gave a spare gun to the panicked man so that he could help shoot the target when the time came.

As they arrived close enough to the snipers, the panicked man quickly shot the rest of the mobs and immediately threw the gun away after clipping it.

The mobs were confused as to why would the panicked man did that as they fell to their death!

The panicked man checked the mobs after shooting them with a look of dissatisfaction in his face. He didn’t like the feel of killing people with a gun at all.

“One still alive?”

The surviving mobster was staring at the panicked man with a wide eye as if asking why would the panicked man do all that.

The panicked man sighed and quietly morphed his face into Dio!

The panicked man was Dio all along; by using [Khnum], he deceived them all into believing that the panicked man was harmless!

The one man who was still alive looked at Dio with shock was basically written all over his face, and not long after that, he was dead!

Before dying, the looks on his face was like he finally knew why the target could kill all of them silently, but it was already too late to know that information.

Dio quickly solved the sniper situation too; he quietly said to himself, “I am really not good with gun. Should I go to Wakanda to make a new weapon from Vibranium? Adamantium is okay too. Maybe I can cut Hulk with it!”

He quickly changed his face to a stranger’s face as to not get recognized and immediately walked toward Hell’s Kitchen to find some lawyer!

Shortly after Dio left, two people arrived at the scene almost simultaneously, from their suit, it was clear that they were from a completely different group.

They cleaned everybody they could find from the vicinity and reported what they had seen to their bosses.

One report went to Kingpin, who immediately threw a wine bottle to the wall in rage, and the other report went to Alexander Pierce, who smiled in satisfaction on the result of Dio’s power.

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