Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 118 Night in Hell’s Kitchen


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Killing those mobsters didn’t make Dio any better; he knew that he needed to stop the mastermind behind all the attacks to really stop the mob from attacking him.

He knew that Daredevil only notified him to leave because of one criminal head, and that was Kingpin!

The legendary underworld emperor!

He knew that attack had to be because of his meddlesome in Washington a couple of months ago when he decided to burn all the drugs in the mob house while he was heading to New York.

What he didn’t know was how Kingpin could know that it was him?

Who gave him the information?

Did SHIELD rat him out?

Seeing that Kingpin went straight to him, it had to be SHIELD who rats him out to Kingpin, but why would SHIELD do that?

Did Kingpin somehow recognize the existence of SHIELD and hack the system to get the information he needed, or did he send someone to act as one of the SHIELD’s agent to get the information he needed?

Or worse!

The SHIELD gave Kingpin the information themselves!

But if SHIELD really leaked the information, how did the mob not aware of his power?

That whole situation was so weird!

In the end, Dio decided to set the SHIELD aside and meet the Daredevil to get the information that he needed first!

Dio quickly arrived in Hell’s Kitchen for the first time, in a matter of minutes, he has already witnessed three robberies which stated the corruption of that place!

Dio knew where the Daredevil would be after searching for Matt Murdoch’s attorney office online.

While he was on his way to Matt Murdoch’s office, a disheveled woman was rushing towards him while shouting for help!

Dio grinned as he has already seen that tactic before.

The woman quickly hid behind Dio, “Sir, please help me. There is a gang that is trying to sell me to prostitute!”

Dio only stood there silently, not really acknowledging the woman plea.

Soon enough, several men came and told Dio to hand over the woman on his back, Dio only looked at the man boredly without saying anything.

“Okay.” He then stepped out of the way, leaving the woman and the men to stare at each other.

They all were confused about Dio’s action; he was supposed to help the woman, not left her behind like that!

“Why didn’t he help me?”

Seeing their act didn’t lead to anything, the woman suddenly told the men, “Get him and take his belongings!”

They quickly did what the woman told them to do and looked at Dio with vicious eyes.

They quickly said, “You are still young, don’t throw your life. Give us your belongings and scram from here!”

After hearing the mobs threatened him like that, Dio’s face changed; he looked at them with cold, full of killing intent eyes, as he would surely kill all of those people if they came anywhere near him!

At first, he just went away and left that group alone, but after they threatened him like that, there was no way he will let them go without giving some kind of punishment first!

“F*ck! Are you deaf?”

Seeing Dio didn’t do anything that they ordered, the men began to swear at Dio and walked toward Dio confidently. He pulled out a baton from the back of his shirt and tried to attack Dio with it! 

It was clear that the mobs wanted to attack Dio and then rob him of all his belongings, but Dio was not someone whom they should encounter like that!

Dio maybe hurt their pride a little bit by ignoring the woman’s plea for help or wasn’t nervous as they started to threaten him, they should know that if the man wasn’t afraid of their threats, they shouldn’t bother him anymore!

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      he didn’t think that hydra already active now since avengers didn’t appear yet.

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