Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 119 Reaching Consensus


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The man who walked forward felt that he was falling, but as he fell, he saw a man wearing the same shirt as him and the same pants and also the same boots!

Weirdly he didn’t seem to be able to move his hands to support his body as he fell!

“Well? That suit is familiar, that gun … isn’t that my gun? This guy is so strange, why doesn’t he have a head? Wait a second, this guy seems to be … it’s me …”

He suddenly stopped falling as he was being held by the man from before, and then he quietly saw his body in front of his eyes, and his consciousness disappeared!

The rest of his groups fell to their knees after seeing their friend died in a gruesome way like that; they immediately shouted, “Devil! You are a devil incarnate!” And they immediately ran away from the scene!

Dio was too lazy to chase them and let them go while throwing the head to the side.

A few minutes later, Dio arrived in front of an apartment door and knocked on the door gently.

“Who?” Matt’s voice was heard asking for the identity of the guest.

Dio immediately said, “I am the restaurant owner that you visited in the morning.”

“I remember you, but I didn’t remember to give my address to you.” Matt opened the door a little bit while being suspicious as he remembered never telling Dio his address!

“I am using some connection to come here. Can I come inside and talk to you?”

Matt was silent for a while but eventually opened the door while saying, “I hope you don’t bring trouble here.”

Dio answered, “I will never bring trouble to you. I was encountered trouble in my way here, but I had already solved them.”

“What do you want to drink?” Matt then offered Dio if there was anything that he wanted to drink.

“A glass of water is enough.”

Soon Matt returned with a glass of water and sat in front of Dio and said, “What do you need here?”

“I need your help.”

Matt once again fell into a silent and said, “This glass of water is the repayment from the morning. After you finish your drink, you should leave. Also, be careful on your way home because Hell’s Kitchen isn’t safe on the night time.”

Dio smirked a little bit after hearing Matt’s comment. He knew that Matt was suspicious of him. Therefore, he asked, “How could you know that I was targeted? And why would you help me? That was dangerous for yourself.”

Matt said, “As a lawyer, I am feeling an obligation to save another person’s life, and I have my own channel of information that I can’t tell you. I also promote myself, who knows you may need a lawyer as help in the future.”

Dio already knew that Matt got his information by investigating and interrogated the mob that he found at night while posing as Daredevil!

Dio immediately asked, “What kind of help can you provide me?”

Matt said, “I am very good at Property Disputes, Fight and Divorces, and many more lawsuits, you can just name it!”

Dio quickly said, “That’s not what I mean. I mean another kind of help, like finding someone?”



The atmosphere of the room immediately changed drastically after Dio said that name.

“Did you know the name of Wilson Fisk? He was a philanthropist in the surface! But in the underworld, he was known as Kingpin! He is ruthless as well as he is methodical! There is neither evidence nor witness that could prove his criminal act! It is meaningless to go after him!” Matt said coldly.

“Maybe in your eyes, Kingpin was really some kind of big bad gangster, but for me, he was no more than a puppy that needed to be disciplined! Do you need to stop him? Then kill him! Only then will your trouble disappear!” Dio said confidently while showing off his killing intent!

Matt was startled after sensing Dio’s killing intent; he instinctively reached for his weapon as he thought that he was up against a prehistoric monster for a moment!

There was no doubt in Matt’s mind that Kingpin had made an enemy Matt knew he wouldn’t be able to escape this time!

Matt immediately trusted Dio, for he knew that Dio would be able to finish Kingpin!

“I will try to find him, but I need some time. I will inform you if I get any information about him.”

“You better find him soon. I don’t want any trouble in my restaurant. What kind of payment for your help?” Dio asked as he stood up to leave.

“I will think about it after the job done. I hope you are still alive when that time comes!”

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