Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 120 I Will Find You!


Dio left Matt Murdoch’s house with a smile on his face; he knew that Kingpin’s mobs would be coming for him, and as he thought he was getting ambushed here and there in Hell’s Kitchen!

But there was nothing that Dio needed to worry, using the Stand [Khnum], he went ahead and ambushed the mobs himself, and he started killing them one by one under cover of the night!

Compared with the reckless slaughter of the Punisher, Dio’s method was simply an art! He killed a group of 40 people without any of them realizing what happened, he walked in quietly, and he walked out even more quietly!

The night has become Hell’s Kitchen worse nightmare, there was body pilled up in every dark corner of the alley, and no one seemed to know how all those mobs died in one night!

“Damn! What the f*ck is going on?”

“Dead! So many people dead!”

“Why is no one scream while so many people killed? Even if a few pigs are killed, they are screaming at least twice before they die!”

“Don’t say anything, hurry up and look around. I feel that the person who died tonight may be more than that. I want to report it to the boss as soon as possible.”

Those mobs kept yelling without knowing that Dio was already targeting them.

With his Hamon Energy, he could easily walk on top of the power cable or sticking to walls or such. He practically became the strongest assassin in Hell’s Kitchen!

When he was already on top of the mobs, he used his [Khnum] to extend his arm and then used his [Zoom Punch] Hamon Technique to then twist their head gently.

Dio then pulled the dead body up and hung them in the wire!

The whole scene was really creepy, making those who were weak-willed scared to death!

When the sun was about to rise, Dio stopped his hunt and arranged the corpses as he saw fit and then disappeared without a trace!

When the day came, the residents of Hell’s Kitchen immediately screamed as they saw pile after pile of corpses around their house, although the police weren’t willing to come to Hell’s Kitchen for their own safety reason, they had to go as the call was ridiculously many!

The city enforced many cops to go at the same time to the Hell’s Kitchen so that there will be no police who were vulnerable to being attacked!

But once they arrived in Hell’s Kitchen, they were surprised to see many corpses piled everywhere.

The police immediately found many clues that Dio intentionally left behind, which was arrogant on the police’s eyes, but the scene still instilled fear on the police force!

The police took the photo from above using the drone as they saw that the placement of the corpse was a little bit weird.

What they saw once again shocked them, they saw the corpses were placed to make a sentence ‘I WILL FIND YOU!’ in the street!

The police were baffled as they didn’t know who was ‘YOU’ that the perpetrator meant, they didn’t know what to make of that situation too, should they be relieved since so many mobs were killed or should they feel bad since there were so many casualties!

They don’t know if they should find the person mentioned using the corpses on the street or let it go and waited until new mobs’ corpses came up their way.

But that was not all!

The police kept finding a large pile of corpses in another area of Hell’s Kitchen, like the abandoned factory and east tower!

All the police officers who were in charge of the case looked at the scene with an ugly face.

They knew that Hell’s Kitchen would change after all of that madness!

Hundreds of people died at the same time, and it was suspected that the killer was in one group, which was clearly a new mafia who wanted to control the Hell’s Kitchen, they were definitely making a war of the precedence mobs of Hell’s Kitchen.

That new group was more ruthless; they didn’t seem to care if the civilian would saw them made a move for; they sure didn’t care that everyone saw what they had done!

If only they knew that all of that was done only by an individual, they would surely lose their mind!

When Kingpin woke up in the morning, his people immediately gave him the police report from Hell’s Kitchen; he also saw the photos from the drone, which showed the corpses were arranged to make a certain word. He finally felt that he needed to take that seriously!

No one mocked the underworld king and lived to tell the tale!

He knew that the information he got back then was someone pulling his hand to get rid of that person’s target, but he didn’t think something like that would happen!

Just in one night, he already felt the serious blow to his mob forces!

He quickly said, “Go reinvestigate all information regarding the target and trace the source back to whomever behind the leak of information!”

“Everyone who went to the house to investigate the information sources was missing, we don’t know what happen, but they all disappeared!”


Kingpin looked at his hand in anger, that’s the case surely has taken some interesting turns, he clenched the photos in his hands and made a challenge on who was gonna live at the end!

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