Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 121 Investigative Stand


Dio has made a fortune in one night! He collected many banknotes from the mobs that he killed last night. He took all of the money inside their wallet as he killed them. He left all the jewelry that the mobs were using as he thought it would be hard to sell any of those!

When the morning came, he changed his appearance to completely another person and waited for the Jeweler to open!

Due to the face that Dio used was a little bit villainous, the employee of the Jeweler almost called the cops on him for his suspicious payment method and his villainous face. He had to threaten them to finish up the transaction.

In order to not get into unnecessary trouble, he threw several thousand dollars as a tip to the employee.

That move by Dio made them complacent and immediately finished up the transaction; they knew that the money that Dio used as payment was stolen money, but they ignored all of that as they got a lot of profits with Dio buying many gold bars from them.

After buying all the gold bars and stored it on his inventory, he changed his appearance again into a businessman this time, he quickly visited a bigger Jeweler and immediately spent his money that he stored at the Swiss Bank into Gold Bars! He quickly put the Gold Bars inside his inventory once again while avoiding the camera on the street.

He knew that his restaurant and villa were constantly under mobs’ watch, so he knew that he couldn’t go there to spend his gold.

Instead, he decided to go to a high-end restaurant and spent the rest of his money on renting a private room and a feast for himself.

After all his orders were delivered into the room and he knew for sure that there would be no more interference, he started to get nervous!

His luck was shit up until that moment, so he once again did his routine!

He lit his cigarette and watched a cat show on his phone while also chanting a lucky chant that he found online, he read that Liverpool uses that chant to score four comeback goals in their losing game versus Barcelona.

He successfully calmed his mind after finishing the lucky chant; he quickly started his 10x consecutive draw from Golden Pool as per usual.

For the first draw, as he expected, his luck was shit!

That bad luck draw was sticking to him like glue until the 10th draw!

The 10th draw gave him a Hamon Technique [Life Magnetism Overdrive], which he appreciated very much!

He kept drawing as much as he could while comforting himself that his luck will prevail soon enough!

After a total of 16 draws, all he got was just one Hamon Technique and 1 [Arrow Fragment]!

At that point, Dio was on the verge of collapsing from depression! He couldn’t stand his bad luck any longer!

“Give me my Stand! You fucking bastard!” Dio shouted in anger as his mental health could be in danger after the repetitive bad luck.

At his 20th draw, a bright flashing light immediately shone on his draw. That light moved him, finally, there was some sort of higher power that heard his plea!

Along with some Hamon Beads, he got another stand!

That Stand belonged to Leone Abbacchio on part 5 of JoJo, and he was also a member of Bucciarati’s team!

Stand Name: [Moody Blues]

Description: re-enacts events were occurring in a given place within a time specified by his user.

Type: Investigative Stand

Ability: Replay

Destructive Power: C

Speed: C

Range: A

Sustainability: A

Precision: C

Growth: C

Evaluation: New Sherlock Holmes is in town!

“Finally!!” Dio shouted as he finally got a stand with his shitty luck!

He jumped up and down in joys, although that was not a stand that he could use to fight, he could use it to obtain any number of information that he needed for real-life event!

With that Stand, no one will be able to fool him!

His depression was suddenly gone after getting that Stand!

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