Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 122 Long Distance Offensive Stand


With [Moody Blues], he could find out about everything from the time that his family was dead!

He wanted to know for sure if it really was an accident or not!

It will also provide him a piece of ceaseless information about the Kingpin; he knew for a fact that the guy was slick, he could be anywhere at any time, and he needed to have his own trusted source of information for that!

The ability to ‘replay’ was the most cheating ability in the marvel universe, as no secret will be safe before [Moody Blues], for example, if Dio went to Tony Stark’s workshop and quickly activated the [Moody Blues] to get the information about Tony’s Iron Man’s Mark Warframe, the Iron Man’s secret would no longer be a secret to him!

It worked on everything, as with [Moody Blues], the weakness of the target would be shown, maybe a family member loved ones, or a literal weakness!

Since he was in a good mood, Dio kept drawing for prizes as he thought that he already got a Stand, then might as well spend all his gold!

At his 44th draw, he got a Golden Pet Card!

On his 53rd draw, he got a one-time use stand [Bad Company] and a 1x Recharge Card, on his 60th draw he got 2 Hamon Technique [Sendo Ripple Overdrive] and [Forced Ripple Breathing], and the cream of the crop.

On his 75th draw the last of his draw, it once again shone brightly!

Dio was surprised!

Will he get another Stand?

Stand Name: [Hanged Man]

Description: A stand named after a Tarot Card!

Type: Long Distance Offensive Stand

Ability: Light Manifestation; Attacking the target trough, a mirror-like object, such as glass, water, eyeballs. Can move from mirror to mirror in a speed of light!

Destructive Power: B

Speed: A

Range: A

Sustainability: B

Precision: B

Growth: D

Evaluation: You are already dead!

After seeing that he got the [Hanged Man], Dio was in shock!

He looked closely at the Stand and pinched himself to see if he really wasn’t dreaming.

He knew with that Stand; it will be much easier for him to assassinate somebody from afar!

There was almost no one in the marvel universe that could hold their ground against that Stand!

As of that moment, he had [The World] if he ever got himself into a pinch.

He had [Moody Blues] if there was any information he needed to know immediately.

He also had [Khnum] if he wanted to change his appearance to go to stake out the mission!

Unfortunately, he could only summon up to three Stands, if he has already unlocked all of his Stand Slot, he will practically be invincible!

He also had the Golden Pet Card!

That card could make any ordinary creature into his pet with a success rate of 99%!

He needed to find something rare with that card for sure!

He couldn’t waste that card to capture cats or dogs!

He also got the 1x Recharge Card to recharge his temporary Stand, like [Bad Company] that he just got, or the [Gold Experience] that became his trump card!

He also got 3 Hamon Techniques!

While [Sendo Ripple Overdrive] and [Life Magnetism Overdrive] was a technique to send his Hamon Energy through walls and magnetized his opponent, the [Forced Ripple Breathing] was unique!

That Hamon Combat Technique was used to heal or even enhance the combat power of his Stand!

But that Hamon Combat Technique would reveal the Stand to everyone even if they couldn’t use Hamon Energy!

In short, that combat technique will enhance the Stand’s combat power, but it will lose its Stealth!

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