Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 123 Will


“These new hamon techniques are good.”

Dio checked the temporary Stand that he just got.

Stand Name: [Bad Company]

Description: A war legion that consists of U-Boat, Tanks, and Helicopters, and land mines!

Type: Colony style Stand

Ability: Fire at Will!; Efficient ability for a concentrated attack, while lethality would be multiplied as the more colonies summoned!

Destructive Power: B

Speed: B

Range: C

Sustainability: B

Precision: C

Growth: C

Evaluation: Turn everything into shreds!

Although it was only a one-time use Stand, Dio was satisfied enough!

He knew that once he used that Stand, it will disappear right after.

But it had its own advantages, that card won’t occupy any Stand Slot!

All Dio needed to do was given the card his Hamon Energy once, and it will activate and move on its own, Dio only needed to give it orders for it to be fully operational!

Dio also noticed that the temporary card had two different values, [Gold Experience] was a temporary Stand with limited time usage, while [Bad Company] was just a one-time use Stand!

When the time came for Dio’s permanent Stand was unusable at a certain situation, maybe that’s when [Bad Company] will be his ace in the hole!

After all that, he found himself really hungry for some reason and decided to eat the dishes that he ordered earlier; he didn’t forget to mix the Hamon Bead that he got into the dishes as he ate them!

After walking out of the restaurant, he already consumed all of the Hamon Beads that he got earlier.

He saw that his Hamon Energy has already reached more than 300.000!

He knew that once he used [The World]’s ability, it wouldn’t be for 1 second anymore!

Unfortunately, he didn’t have any enemy that he deemed necessary to use that ability on yet; maybe he would use it when he fought Ultron or maybe Thanos!

Dio immediately changed his appearance back to normal and walked back towards his own restaurant.

At the same time, the mobs who were waiting for Dio’s arrival at the restaurant looked at him with weird looks in their eyes!

They thought after Dio killed many of the mobs in Hell’s Kitchen earlier, he wouldn’t show up on his restaurant.

They were afraid to engage Dio after seeing the state of their friends in Hell’s Kitchen!

In reality, those mobs were thinking too much!

Dio came back to the restaurant because he wanted to continue doing his business.

He didn’t care if he was being watched, as long as they didn’t disturb his business, he wouldn’t do anything to them either.

In the restaurant, Will came to Dio’s office while smiling brightly toward Dio.

“You must be getting many hot ladies in Stark Industries.” Dio teased Will.

Will laughed and said, “I found many women who were willing to sleep with me at the Stark Industries because they thought that I was close with Pepper Potts and Tony Stark!”

“Okay, okay.” Dio, who was suddenly annoyed by Will’s boasting nature, immediately dismissed him for boasting too much.

Will giggled, “You must be jealous, right? Hahaha!”

“Yeah, I am. Master Will, a love veteran.” Dio surrendered.

Then Will whispered, “Many women that I met there asked which department I was from, so while I didn’t know any department there, I was forced to make one!”

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