Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 124 Unexpected Phone Call and Guess


Dio was dumbfounded after hearing Will’s story!

Will has named himself as Tony Stark’s mysterious cousin who will soon become Vice President of Stark Industries!

Dio couldn’t believe the woman over there bought Will’s unbelievable story!

Dio couldn’t believe the event at the Stark Industries yesterday had become a show for Will alone!

From his story, almost all girls on the company approached him, trying to get to know in a more intimate manner!

But, Will didn’t go all the way with those women as he knew that his lie would be busted with a single word from Pepper or Tony.

He’d rather pay a prostitute than troubled himself with those office women who could possibly sue him after knowing that he lied!

Dio couldn’t help himself but laugh after hearing Will’s story, how could the women at the Stark Industries be so dumb!

It was good that Will had known the consequences without Dio needed to tell him anything.

While Dio wanted to continue his conversation with Will, his restaurant phone rang.

Dio politely picked up the phone and asked, “Hello, who is this?”

“It’s me, Natasha.”

Dio was silent for a while and asked, “Oh, what’s wrong? Is everything okay?”

He also told Will to go clean and wait for the guest for a while as he needed to take the call.

Will nodded and left Dio alone with the phone.

Natasha sighed, “SHIELD’s intelligence has been stolen, and you are being targeted, we are pursuing the culprit at the moment.”

Dio frowned after hearing Natasha’s information; he knew that something bad must have happened inside the SHIELD!

“Thanks for your warning, but it was a tad too late! I already cleaned several rats that come my way last night. from your information, I take it you don’t know about this.” Dio said casually.

Natasha was stunned to hear Dio’s reply; it seemed that the leak of information was direr than she thought.

She quickly said, “Whoever stole the information from SHIELD is deliberately targeting you, Kingpin also has mobilized his manpower to target you! “

From that much information, Natasha realized that there must be another force hidden inside the SHIELD, but how come was it possible?

If that was really the case, there was no way that Nick Fury and Alexander Pierce didn’t know about it!

The emergency order that she received was also weird, as she was informed that Dr. Banner was found and that she needed to leave immediately, but once she got to where Dr. Banner should be, she found nothing!

There was no way The SHIELD or even Nick Fury would send her on a wild goose chase!

The more interesting things were from what Dio has just said, naturally if she was away for another mission, then several other agents should be replacing her on watching over Dio.

But last night, no one kept an eye on him, and at the moment, SHIELD was like a blind man who didn’t know what to do!

From Natasha’s confused tone, Dio knew that that was the time that Hydra infiltrated the SHIELD, which explained some of the weird actions that the SHIELD had made.

But why now?

It was not supposed to be that fast!

Hydra needed to make a plentiful more preparation from now on!

Were they pressured to do something sooner than later?

If that was true, then what was different from the real MCU?

Dio had too little information to continue guessing what was different with Hydra as of that moment.

But he knew that there must be something that caused the Hydra rushed things up like that.

Dio never wanted to help the SHIELD, but now that the Hydra has already targeted him, he had to fight back!

“You have to come here as soon as possible! We need to talk things trough; there is so much thing that couldn’t be said over the phone!” Dio said to Natasha in a serious tone.

“Yeah, I’m already on my way!” Natasha said seriously.

“Be careful on your way, I have a watcher around my restaurant, but I don’t think they are bold enough to attack in broad daylight, but still! Be careful!” Dio said as he hung up the phone.

Under normal circumstances, nothing had to be feared as they were in broad daylight, and Dio’s restaurant was a high profiled place.

But since they fought against Kingpin, the King of the underworld, there was no telling what he was gonna do!

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