Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 125 Communication with the Black Widow


“Sorry, we only serve reservation only!” Dio said while giving her an envelope, Natasha was confused but left nonetheless as she felt that Dio had his reason for doing so.

She quickly went to one of her safe houses and quickly opened the envelope that Dio gave earlier.

One of them told Natasha not to trust anyone and wait for her to be alone to open the second envelope.

She immediately opened the second one and saw that inside the envelope was a knuckle sized snail, she knew immediately that that was the snail that Coulson had reported earlier.

Once she held onto the snail, Dio’s voice was quickly heard on her mind!

Dio said, “It’s me, don’t panic. If you wanna say something, just think it.”

She quickly-paced herself from her shock and then quickly tried to communicate, “H-hello? Are you using some kind of telepathy?”

Dio quickly explained, “It’s not telepathy. The snail is a magical animal that can make a spiritual connection between the holders.”

Natasha looked at the snail intensely after Dio’s explanation, she asked, “I understand, but I have many secrets in my head. If you know it…”

Dio said, “You are too paranoid, that snail is mean to communication, not spying. If you don’t want to share your thought, it won’t tell it to me.

Natasha was relieved after hearing Dio’s word and asked, “What am I think now?”

Dio answered, “Probably about dinner. Are you not believe me?”

Dio was annoyed that Natasha didn’t believe him 100%, but he let it slide, as he knew that was just how Natasha was!

At the same time, Natasha finally believed everything that Dio had said temporarily as she didn’t know the extent of that snail’s power.

The other thing was if Dio wanted to explore her secrets, then Dio would’ve already gotten it once she picked up the snail, which so far hasn’t happened yet!

Dio’s voice was heard once more, “Do you notice something wrong in SHIELD?”

Natasha suddenly became serious as she thought the same thing as Dio.

Dio conveyed that he took her silence as a yes, and there was something wrong with the SHIELD like he thought.

“What do you know?” Natasha frowned.

Dio quickly answered, “I am not sure yet, and I will find the truth tonight, SHIELD would fall into trouble after this.”

Natasha quickly asked, “What must I do?”

Dio was silent for a moment and sighed, “You need to find Wilson Fisk, I need to get the Kingpin off my ass!”

Although Dio has already sent Matt Murdoch the Daredevil to find the Kingpin, he knew that Daredevil alone wouldn’t suffice.

So, he asked for Natasha’s help as it was her specialty on tracking people down!

Natasha sighed and said, “It isn’t impossible to find Wilson Fisk, but it will be troublesome if he killed!”

Dio was a little surprised to hear Natasha said something so ridiculous like that, didn’t she know that Wilson Fisk was none other than the Kingpin himself?

But it was not hard to disguise himself as someone at the top of the country, Wilson Fisk was a smart man!

He has already become an influential person legally; it would be even harder to kill the man now!

He was known to use the resources that many politicians had to help himself, as he was generous and constantly gave many politicians his support!

On the underworld, he was the infamous criminal mastermind who killed anyone who dares provoke his authority!

On the other hands, Natasha already knew that Wilson Fisk was Kingpin, but if Kingpin was killed, then the Criminal Underworld would fall into chaos, his criminal empire will fall, and anyone who had status at his criminal empire will try to bite the head of another person with the same or higher status to have a part of the Kingpin’s fallen empire!

Thus causing war among the criminals, and soon, the entire USA would be dragged into the said war!

Dio sighed, “You don’t need to worry about anything as I will take all the consequences regarding Wilson Fisk.”

In Dio’s mind, he knew that the chaos would only be temporary, the heroes will rise in the future, and that alone would be sufficient to repel the war that would come!

“Fine, if you already decided, then I will see what I can do!” Natasha said seriously.

“Yeah, okay! I already asked someone else yesterday to help me search for Wilson Fisk, but you will become my reassurance that he would be found!” Dio said coldly.

“Wow, I never thought that I would see the day that I would become someone else’s spare plan!” Natasha said jokingly.

Dio sighed at Natasha’s joke and said, “The snail will be in your possession in the meantime and that you can contact me anytime you want.”

Dio added, “You must not let Coulson see that snail as he tried to dissect one of my snails a few months ago, and that bastard still hasn’t paid me back for that!”

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