Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 126 The Hanged Man Ability


Natasha began to do her part on finding the Kingpin, and Dio continued to act normally throughout the day.

He couldn’t show any sign that he knew that he was being watched, for he didn’t want the enemy to panic and decided to attack anyone his acquaintance instead!

In the evening, Pepper came again with her bodyguard to take Will for another event at the Stark Industries, Dio already told his situation to Pepper, and she has agreed to help him protect Will.

Meanwhile, Tony was locking himself in his room to develop his Iron Man’s Warframe.

Pepper noticed that Tony’s complexion was becoming paler every time she visited, but she couldn’t do anything, as he was as stubborn as a man could be!

She knew that what Dio said that day was true, and Tony really had been poisoned.

After Will got into the car excitedly, Pepper stayed and asked Dio if he needed any help for whatever trouble that he was currently having, she could help him for the Stark Industries had many resources that they could use for Dio.

Dio smiled and said that Tony was very lucky to have an intuitive assistant like her, and he said that he didn’t need pepper help for the time being.

All he needed for the moment was to make sure that Will was safe while he resolved his trouble.

Dio also said his thanks to Pepper for welcoming Will to their event without asking questions.

“Since you put it that way, I will let you resolve your problem first before asking you to help Tony. He was getting worse by the minute and become more stubborn than ever!” Pepper said with a smile on her face.

“Sure, I will take a look at him after I’m done with my own business! Tony was definitely lucky to have you by his side!” Dio said while smiling to Pepper.

Pepper then laughed and said that she was also lucky to have Tony and then got into her car and left Dio’s restaurant.

After they left, Dio realized that he was lonely in that world; the only thing that gave him familiarity and real were Will.

He didn’t know what he would do if Will weren’t there at the beginning when he arrived in that world!

He shook his head, for he didn’t need to be all sentimental and immediately closed the restaurant’s door and drove away using his second-hand car that he still didn’t have the time to sell, but it was proven to be useful at that moment!

He didn’t want those mobs to ruin his brand-new car right when he still cherished the car!

While driving, Dio noticed several cars were tailing him from his rear-view mirror.

But even after passing several streets that should be convenient to stop Dio and several places that would be nice to make it look like Dio’s car had an accident, they still haven’t done anything!

Dio decided to ignore that guy for the moment as he had something else that he needed to check with his new ability!

Dio quickly swapped [Pearl Jam] with [Hanged Man], for he didn’t have the time to deal with his enemy that followed him everywhere.

He ordered the [Hanged Man] to kill all the people who were following him from the restaurant before.

The [Hanged Man] nodded and immediately jumped through the mirror, and move towards other mirrors in the vicinity until he gets to the enemy car’s rear-view mirror.

The strange thing happened after all of that, the [Hanged Man] sliced the driver’s reflection in the mirror, and the real driver’s head was sliced like a potato slice!

That was also the ability of the [Hanged Man], attacking the target’s image would cause the attack to materialize on the target’s real body at the same time.

The driver was dead at the same time, causing the car to drive uncontrollably toward the tree on the sideway!

It was practically killing everyone inside!

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