Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 127 The Truth


Dio knew that [Hanged Man] would have done his job in a very short amount of time, so there was no need for him to be slow down!

Dio was satisfied to get such efficient Stand, all he got to do now was finish what he wanted to do at the moment!

He quickly swapped [Khnum] with [Moody Blues] as he knew that he will not be needing it for the moment and he needed the [Moody Blues] to get the truth out of his situation when he was assumed to be killed when he first arrived on this world!

Dio arrived at his old house without a hitch and used the [Moody Blues] ability immediately.


[Moody Blues] to reenact the moment at the time of his death and started to track backward from that time.

He saw his death scene first and the time continued going backward, and he saw before his death, he was texting a woman on his phone and fell asleep not long after that.

The most important piece soon revealed itself as Dio heard a key being turned in.

[Moody Blues] could play any past memories completely; nothing could escape from that ability.

That was why [Moody Blues] was known as the ultimate detective skills!

Dio quickly noted the time and called the [Moody Blues] to stop its ability and moved towards the front of the house.


Dio wanted to know who was the one that comes to his house at that time.

He immediately saw at the time that he already noted that a strange man that he has never seen before was opening his door and entering his house!

He waited for the man to come out of his house outside as he couldn’t walk inside at the moment, [Moody Blues] couldn’t use its power at the different place at the same time unless it was used to pertain someone’s memories!

For about three minutes, the strange man finally came out with a gas mask on his face.

Dio noticed that the man was talking to someone on the phone, he paused the time and rewound it a little bit to hear the man up-close.

He quickly walked forward and restarted the time again.

“Go and see for yourself, the target has been dealt with!” The strange man said on his phone.

“It’s okay. I used the latest poison gas that the bureau had developed. There is no way any of them will ever wake up.” The man said again to his phone.

Dio quickly shut the memories down and called the [Moody Blues] once again.


He knew that something was weird, but he didn’t know that things were this bad!

He, along with his parents, was collateral damage to something that someone tried to hide.

Dio quickly used the [Moody Blues] ability to track the strange man’s memory.

He noticed that the man was dragging two bodies that he knew were his parents on that world and put them on their bed while positioned them to look like a sleeping couple, after that the man placed some gas canister on the gas pipeline and immediately loosened the pipe so that the gas leaked inside the house.

“I feel bad for them, but it can’t be helped. They saw something they shouldn’t have seen. Well if they wanna blame someone, they should blame Simon for messing up and they ended up seeing what he did.”

After pulling the gas canister from the gas line, the man left the house.

Sometimes, the truth was so cruel; he finally knew that his family was a victim of injustice.

Dio now knew that he needed to find the perpetrator as soon as possible, maybe after he dealt with Wilson Fisk the Kingpin, but he didn’t know if that was the correct move for the moment!

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3 thoughts on “Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 127 The Truth

  1. Isekai says:

    Jojo power really fearsome some stand power can time travel or Night Omnipotence stand can rewrite reality world

    If only there Triforce The Legend of Zelda in Marvel world he can wish for saiyan power and stand power plus magical items and healing potion and fairy can resurrect the dead can come back alive again 100% human not zombie that will be awesome

    1. nyawdao nyawdao says:

      Marvel have a lot characters that can beat requiem or even over heaven, but they don’t appears in MCU.

      1. Isekai says:

        Doctor doom and Thanos they can access to Night Omnipotence if they want but the end they still to heroes access temporary to Night Omnipotence power

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