Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 128 Stand Combo


Dio quickly used the [Forced Ripple Breathing] Technique so that the [Moody Blues] could be seen and immediately recorded all of the replays of memories from [Moody Blues] ability with his phone.

He took a picture of the strange man who became his top priority to find out what really happened at the day of his family incident!

He knew that Natasha would obtain the information he needed as she was really good at digging out another agent and stuff like that.

But as he was about to leave the house, suddenly a dagger was thrown towards his heart from the back, he didn’t feel any killing intent from his surroundings, which startled him immediately that there was an assassin going after his life!

He quickly shouted if the assassin was a mutant or a ninja because there was no way other than that assassin could escape his detection!

The assailant, however, was surprised to see that his attack couldn’t even tear out Dio’s clothes!


He noticed that Dio’s body was surrounded by a thin layer of energy that couldn’t be penetrated by his dagger!

He immediately retreated as he didn’t know the target’s power and ability and thus making him susceptible to attack!

“Are you mutant or ninja?”

But as Dio shouted if the assailant was a mutant or a ninja, he felt that Dio could get the hang of his identity later on if he let Dio live, so he immediately shouted for his partner to drop it!

Dio was confused as to what the assailant meant by drop it, so he immediately looked up and saw that a car was falling towards him at a great speed!

Dio sighed in annoyance and quickly ordered [The World] to destroy the fallen car!

The assailant was a little bit relieved after knowing that there was no way that Dio could escape that fallen car unscathed, but once again, they were wrong!

The car was suddenly obliterated as it was getting close to Dio!

From Dio’s perspective, he clearly saw that [The World]  was hitting the car like it was a piece of paper!

“It seems that there are two of you here. Kingpin was really troublesome, isn’t he! Don’t you worry, I will kill him as well so that you two won’t be lonely in the afterlife!” Dio said indifferently.

The pale white man who was floating in the sky looked at Dio strangely, although he was a mutant, he has never seen someone as perceptive as Dio and powerful enough to destroy a 2-ton car like it was a piece of paper in a very short amount of time like that!

He immediately notified his companions to retreat because there was no way that he could take on Dio without knowing the extent of Dio’s power and ability!

But he didn’t know that he was being seen and targeted by [Hanged Man]!

[Hanged Man] had a preposterous range as it had the range stat of A!

It could easily reach anyone from far away as long as there was a reflection that it could use to perform its ability!

This time, the reflection was Dio’s eyes!

The [Hanged Man] quickly sliced the floating man’s neck in the reflection inside Dio’s eyes, and the neck of the floating man was instantly sliced!

The man’s blood quickly spurted all around like rain, and his body was falling down soon enough!

The stealthy ninja who tried to stab Dio with a dagger earlier was horrified seeing the scene in front of him!

He just witnessed his partner that he thought was safe since he was on a really high place with no platform to chase after was killed instantly!

He didn’t know what has just happened as he saw that Dio didn’t do anything, he couldn’t move for fear that Dio would notice him and kill him like his partner!

He had thought of fighting Dio head-on and escaped, but his fear overwhelmed him!

With his mutation of manipulating light he could conceal himself, he had confidence that Dio won’t be able to see him standing in the corner!

With that mutation, he has already killed so many people with ease as no one could see him coming.

He was the best assassin that Kingpin could ask for; he was paired with a man who could make everything that he touched become weightless and the two of them never failed to assassinate anyone!

Never had they thought that the time of not only failing but losing their life would come!

He didn’t know that the [Moody Blues] was already staring at him as there was no one that it couldn’t find!

Dio only needed to rewind the time a little to find out the position of that invisible assailant!

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