Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 129 Found


Dio casually lit another cigarette and smoked it and signalled to [Moody Blues] to attack the assassin.

While its destructive power was just C, [Moody Blues] wasn’t weak!

C in Stand standard was powerful enough to easily kill a human! [Moody Blues] quickly put the assassin in a chokehold and dispelled the assassin out of his invisibility power.

Not long after, the cracking sound was sounded!

[Moody Blues] has killed the assassin by breaking his neck in the chokehold!

The assassin didn’t know what killed him until the end, all that he knew was the killer was humanoid and invisible like him!

Dio quickly withdrew [Moody Blues] for the moment and left the scene as he already got everything that he needed from that place.

Shortly after he left, several black cars arrived and cleaned the scene before the police did!

Kingpin in his office was curling his finger in frustration; he never expected his best assassin to be killed simultaneously like that!

He swung his cane to one of his mob and instantly killed the mob with one blow to the head to vent his anger.

He sat down and cleaned his cane as it was bloodied with the mob’s blood and brain!

Two people walked in and cleaned the place like it was no big deal.

The people in the room didn’t seem to acknowledge that one of their colleagues was dead by their boss’ hands!

Suddenly, a man with a bullseye in his forehead came forward and said that he would deal with the target himself and that Kingpin didn’t need to worry anymore!

That man was the best assassin that Kingpin had on his ranks.

That man will never miss his shot no matter what, but Kingpin rejected his offer for the time being, as he said that he needed to let the target found him.

He will be attending an event tomorrow and that the man should be preparing himself to ambush the target at that event instead!

Kingpin knew that the target was peculiar, he didn’t know who was behind the target, and so he needed bait to see the target’s power for himself!

At night, the Black Widow came to the place that she had agreed to meet Dio.

She immediately saw Dio came out of the dark while also throwing her a phone.

“What is this?”

She immediately saw the photo on the phone and frowned a little bit.

“Tell me, who is this person? I trust you, don’t lie to me.” Dio asked.

“What is going on? How could you not know the man inside your own phone?” Natasha asked back confusedly.

“That’s not important right now. Tell me who this is, and I will tell you what you want!” Dio said confidently.

Natasha frowned again after hearing Dio’s word, “This is Jason, a level 5 agent of SHIELD. He was in charge of new recruits of SHIELD, why would you want to know about him?” Natasha asked curiously.

Dio immediately knew that that man should have been a Hydra Agent who already infiltrated the SHIELD.

Now, he knew for sure that the Hydra has already targeted him once again and leaking information to Kingpin was one of their plans too!

That sure was troublesome, he always tried to avoid any trouble, but it seemed that trouble was there from the start that he arrived in that world!

Dio immediately asked Natasha, “What does ‘Hail Hydra’ means?”

His word immediately shocked Natasha. She never expected to hear those sentences ever again.

Dio said, “The person in the photo seemed to be saying those words while he was on the phone. That man was the perpetrator of the gas leak, which killed my parents and almost killed me! The accident that occurred at my house wasn’t accidental, but a planned murder made to look like an accident by that man!”

“Impossible!” Natasha was shocked once again as she didn’t think that Dio’s theory was possible!

“Nothing is impossible Natasha, the clues are already in your hands! If you want to know the truth, you only need to follow this man’s activity but keeps it for yourself for the moment. I believe that these hidden forces have taken roots in SHIELD for quite some time, and if they knew that you are onto them, you might be targeted!”

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