Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 130 Assassination


“How could you be so sure that I’m not with these people?” Natasha said curiously

Dio couldn’t say that she trusted her because he knew that she was the most trusted person and would catch the Head of the Hydra inside the SHIELD on her own.

It would sound very weird and too optimistic!

So, he said, “I trust my own judgment.”

But if he was wrong, then it meant that he would add another body to the pile!

Natasha immediately said, “I will investigate the whole thing carefully and I hope you won’t kill too many people while I was gone.”

Dio smirked at Natasha’s quirks and said, “I won’t kill anyone if I left alone. You should contact me using the snail.”

After all that, Dio disappeared again into the shadow, leaving Natasha alone.

The night passed quietly, while the next day, he was standing on the rooftop of one of the buildings overlooking the Empire State Building.

He got a piece of information from the Daredevil and Natasha that Wilson Fisk would be attending a speech from the Mayor as one of the successful businessmen.

Dio knew something smells fishy here; he knew that Wilson Fisk was smart!

He wouldn’t leave himself wide open in front of an open public while knowing that he was being targeted!

But, Dio knew whether that was a trap or not, nobody will recognize him anyway!

At exactly 1 PM, Wilson Fisk walked toward the stage with his bodyguard to meet with the Mayor and sat on the side with several other businessmen.

Dio noticed that the crowd was being controlled, it seemed that Wilson Fisk’s safety was mainly due to the confidence that there would be no one on the crowd who could kill him, and he was also being protected by the small hanging roof so that the sniper couldn’t target him from above while having so many other businessmen around him as a body block.

“You are overconfident.”

Dio quickly came down to the lobby and stayed there with a visitor guide to look like he was one of the visitors of the building.

Wilson Fisk made a mistake there!

He didn’t know that Dio’s power revolved around mirrors and that New York’s downtown was full of it!

Wilson Fisk speech in front of many people, “I also want to thanks several people for their help in the construction of New York. They…”

Dio immediately ordered [Hanged Man] to kill Wilson Fisk immediately.

[Hanged Man] quickly slipped around the mirror and stood inside the mirror behind Wilson Fisk immediately.

It quickly sliced Wilson Fisk’s neck, as the Mayor was about to say his thanks to the businessman, Wilson Fisk’s blood spurted to the podium!


“Oh my God, what happened?”

The businessmen around Wilson Fisk was immediately dragged over by their respective bodyguard and immediately evacuated, the same could be said to the Mayor, the police siren was immediately heard as they were ready around the corner if by any chance something like that happened!

People who couldn’t see the real situation on the stage thought that it was all an elaborate prank to the audience, but as they saw that the closest audience and the government official leaving the site, they quickly panicked and ran away from the place.

Even if the incident had nothing to do with them, they knew that the police would only waste their time by a lot of questioning.

While the civilians panicked and ran away from the scene, several men in a black suit quickly ran toward the podium to check Wilson Fisk’s condition.

They quickly pulled their guns and searched for anything suspicious in their surroundings.

“What happened?!”

There is one of them who even checked everything with their sniper scopes, but none of them found anything!

In a desperate measure, they stopped everyone from leaving in a 50-meter radius.

If Wilson Fisk was shot, it would be so much easier to know from where was the killer coming by checking the trajectory of the shot, but as it was a slice on the neck, it would have to be done from a close distance, and the people on the stage was the main suspect here!

The police came and immediately took the bystander’s identity for questioning later because they too found that incident to be strange.

The veteran detective, who arrived at the site to investigate, confiscated many cameras from the crowds as he knew that something should be filmed there while also confiscated every camera that the TV station use.

“Don’t talk nonsense! Quickly play the video!”

He quickly saw a weird scene from the replay as Wilson Fisk was sitting, smiling and applauding to the speech, but with only a second difference, a red line suddenly appeared in his neck and blood was immediately spurting out of his neck!

The weird thing was that no one was near him at that time!

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