Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 131 Kill


Dio, who was 50 meters apart from the scene, disguised himself as a tourist and stood outside the lobby as a spectator.

He knew that he wouldn’t be included in the police search as he was too far apart from the target.

He also knew that the police wouldn’t dare to seal any building in the vicinity for the high number of rich tourists and businessmen around.

“Is it too easy?”

There was no way the Kingpin would be so reckless!

He knew that Kingpin wasn’t stupid enough to bait Dio in with his own body if there was no guarantee that he would be safe!

Did he overestimate the Kingpin?

Dio shook his head while smiling a little bit; maybe the Kingpin simply hasn’t thought of the killing method that Dio just used.

He immediately made his way to his villa to rest, but as soon as he arrived at the villa and opened his door, he quickly felt a dreadful feeling in waves.

“The World!”

He quickly summoned [The World], and as soon as he summoned it, the villa exploded!

He quickly stopped the time and jumped outside!

[The World] immediately disappeared after that, and Dio was immediately flung out by the explosion as the time resumed.

Dio looked at his burning villa and knew that it wasn’t over yet!

He looked at his Hamon Energy and noticed that it was nearly emptied with only 2 seconds usage of [The World]’s ability.

He finally knew that [The World]’s special ability to stop time used 100.000 Hamon Energy per second!

That was why he was out cold when he first used the ability; it drained all his Hamon Energy in an instant!

With that in mind, he needed to upgrade his Hamon Energy pool as soon as possible and that he needed to find more income as soon as possible!

As he thought of that, a bullet hit his head from afar; he was thrown a few meters from the impact of the bullet!

At the top of the building near the villa, the man with a bullseye mark on his forehead ordered several mobs, “Retrieve the target body, then we leave.”

He knew that he wouldn’t miss his shot!

He quickly disassembled his weapons and prepared to leave the place immediately.

But as soon as he was about to leave, he heard from his earpiece; his underling said, “Target disappear! Repeat, target disappear!”


He was shocked to hear that new information!

He saw that the target was attacked in surprise!

There was no way that the target was aware of his attack.

He immediately told his underling, “Search for the target around the vicinity and kill the target if he was still alive!”

He also immediately cleaned his stuff so that whoever was helping the target couldn’t get to him as he was already exposed from his sniper shot earlier!

But as he expected, a voice was heard from behind.

“You want to run after shot me?”

Bullseye immediately took out two handguns and immediately clipped both of the guns at the voice source.

He changed his magazines immediately but once again surprised to see that the man in front of him was unscathed despite the amount of bullet he shot!

He knew for sure that he didn’t miss it!

But most importantly, his target was standing in front of him while he knew for sure that the target was hit from his sniper shot earlier!

He quickly emptied the second clip and threw the handgun aside and immediately threw a smoke bomb to his feet!

He didn’t use that smoke bomb to escape, but instead, he used it to buy time as he reassembled his sniper rifle!

The sniper was his best weapon, so he would be more confident if he had it on his hands right at that moment!

That sniper was one of the Tank Buster series, which was manufactured by the Stark Industries before Tony shut it down, that sniper was capable of piercing through the thick armor of a tank!

He didn’t believe that the target was more resilient than a Tank!

But Dio didn’t think that he would be kind enough to give the assassin his time, he immediately told [The World] to kill the assassin and [The World] immediately rushed in and punched the assassin immediately!

The first punch was blocked by the assassin’s sniper, completely destroying the sniper rifle, and the second punch was blocked by the assassin’s arm as he sensed the impending danger, but as a result, his hands were crushed!

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