Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 132 Fake Death


Dio didn’t want to kill his opponent instantly, as he needed to ask several questions first!

That was why [The World] punch didn’t kill the assassin and only broke his arm!

Dio saw the assassin escaped from the smoke and stood on the edge of the rooftop with blood dripping from his arm.

“The one I killed wasn’t the real Wilson Fisk!”

Wilson Fisk used a double so that he himself didn’t have to be in the spotlight!

That was why Dio had to capture that guy and dug out all information he had on the Kingpin!

But Dio was surprised once more as the assassin quickly jumped from the roof of the building.

Dio quickly made an effort to catch the assassin mid-air, but once again, the assassin startled Dio by spitting out his blood at Dio’s face!

The assassin quickly latched his belt with an inconspicuous wire attached to the buildings that would lead him to the ground in a far shorter time than Dio will.

At that time, Dio had thought of cutting the wire with his Hamon Energy.

But at that exact moment, Dio knew that the assassin would never betray the Kingpin, seeing that he has already sacrificed one of his arms, and he didn’t show the slightest sign of surrendering.

Dio looked at the assassin sadly and quickly ordered the [Hanged Man] to kill the assassin immediately.

[Hanged Man] immediately vanished and appeared on the window near the assassin and cut the assassin’s neck instantly!

The assassin’s eyes widened as he realized that his neck was cut and gushing out blood!

He wanted to stop the bleeding with his hands, but sadly they were broken from the last fight on top of the building, so he was forced to stare at Dio as he lost his consciousness!

The body of the famed assassin known as Bullseye was hung on the side of a building, lifeless!

That news would surely reach the real Wilson Fisk’s ear in no time!

[Hanged Man] was posing like the assassin’s creed main character on top of the building from his accomplishment, Dio ignored that as he knew that every stand had their own unique pose, so he then took the elevator down and left the building immediately!

He knew that the police would arrive soon, as there was no way that nobody saw the dead body hanging on the side of the building and that no one heard the gunshot sound from the top of the building!

Dio had to be honest, Wilson Fisk really threw off his expectation to the mud!

He had not expected that the Kingpin would bomb his house like that and even made a trap using a double!

Now that he has already lost the only lead that could escort him to the real Kingpin, he needed to think of a way to find Wilson Fisk quickly!

He knew that as long as he didn’t kill the Kingpin, his place and everyone around him will be in constant danger!

The Kingpin will never leave him alone!

If this time his house was being targeted, his restaurant might be targeted tomorrow! Dio quickly contacted Natasha via the snail as he lost his phone on the explosion.

“Congratulation! You have solved your problem! But believe me when I said that the problems will keep coming from now on!” Natasha said as Dio called her name.

“No, it was far from solved! The real Kingpin was still out there, the one that I kill before was a double!” Dio said confidently.

Dio immediately told Natasha about everything that has just happened within several minutes earlier.

Natasha was silent for a moment, but immediately realized, “You are right, that way the Kingpin won’t be touched and completely freed from his charitable event in the public’s eyes! I will find his whereabouts, please don’t kill many innocent people just to find the Kingpin!”

After that, Natasha’s line was cut, suggesting that Natasha has already put down the snail.

He didn’t fully understand what Natasha meant by killing many innocent people, but he surely knew that with [Moody Blues], there was no way that he couldn’t find Wilson Fisk!

But before that, he needed to ask Matt Murdoch if he had any valuable information that he could use to find the Kingpin, and as he heard the Daredevil’s answer, he smiled widely!

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