Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 133 Hideout


“I have a friend who wants to see you. Maybe he has the information you need!” Daredevil said to Dio over the phone!

From the sound of it, Dio knew that Matt was hiding something from Dio, but he knew that Daredevil might do it for a reason, so he didn’t think much of it.

Dio quickly arrived at the agreed place, and he saw that Daredevil and one more person has been waiting there.

The man was big with a pistol in his hand and a black short-sleeved t-shirt with a big skull on the chest!

That was none other than the Punisher!

But Dio couldn’t reveal that he already knew the identity of the man, so he walked over and curiously asked if the Punisher was the one with the information.

The Punisher looked at Dio with his empty murdering eyes for a couple of seconds and asked if Dio was the one who targeted the Kingpin on the Mayor Speech Event and killed him?

“Wow, good guess. Well, my latest kill is still hanging on the side of the building. He is an assassin with a bullseye mark on his head!” Dio said casually.

“You are good!” The Punished said as he heard the description.

He knew Bullseye was a strong assassin who never missed.

If Dio really killed him that meant Dio was immune against firearm!

Without delaying any longer, Dio asked if the Punisher really had the information he needed about the Kingpin or not!

But the Punisher didn’t answer his question but instead told Dio to follow him!

Dio followed the Punisher to a pickup truck and headed towards the suburbs, in the way up to the suburbs no one spoke to each other, except the blaring engine of the pickup trucks, the atmosphere was deadly silent!

They quietly arrived at a huge manor, and the Punisher quietly parked his pick up truck a little bit away from the manor.

“This is one of Kingpin’s Hideout. I don’t know if he still uses it or not, and I am not sure that even if Kingpin is inside is the real one. You have to make your choice now. We are already exposed, if you choose to get out of the car now, there will be no going back!” The Punisher said indifferently.

“Now, what is the catch? I don’t think you would be willing to work for free!” Dio said casually.

“Kingpin’s head! That is all!” The Punisher said quietly.

“You are really something! But this was valuable information nonetheless!” Dio said while walking out of the car.

Dio quickly entered the woods beside the manor and quietly disappeared, but as Dio disappeared, The Punisher turned off the engine and took his black travel bag and walked out in a different direction.

He knew that regardless of the real Kingpin was there or not; he still had to kill all mobs inside!

At the same time, Dio had the same thought, but he will use [Moody Blues] at that place after he killed all the mobs inside, there was no way the real Kingpin never set foot there!

Dio noticed that the place was full of onlookers and alarm everywhere, Dio knew immediately that there was no way that a person could walk in unnoticed, but it didn’t work for him!

He called the [Hanged Man] and saw that the manor was already inside the [Hanged Man]’s scope!

He quickly ordered the [Hanged Man] to kill all the onlookers outside first, in a matter of seconds, all the onlookers and whistle-blowers were killed with their neck sliced open!

But things didn’t go as smooth as Dio thought it would!

Even though he already killed all the onlookers and whistle-blowers, the mobs inside the mansion still knew that the enemy was coming and sounded the alarm and peeked from behind the curtain.

Now that he has been discovered, Dio no longer restrained the [Hanged Man]’s desire to kill!

He allowed the [Hanged Man] to kill any mobs inside the mansion that it could find!

With so many mirror-like objects inside the manor, they didn’t stand a chance against the [Hanged Man]!

While there were still survivors inside the mansion, they all froze up in fear!

They didn’t see anything, yet their peers were killed instantly with their throat sliced open!

The survivor began to start firing randomly in panic, as they thought that they would be able to hit something eventually if the enemy was invisible!

But it was futile, with them firing recklessly, many glasses shattered, making it more convenient for the [Hanged Man] to move around killing the rest of them!

Finally, some of them couldn’t stand the desperate measures that they were making, shouted profanity, and ran from the mansion!

That was a bad move, as they would find their way near a mirror, and at the exact moment, they were dead!

The mobs inside the mansion became more desperate, for they know now that they couldn’t escape the mansion to save their life!

In the eye of [Hanged Man], they were nothing more than a brittle toy waiting to be destroyed!

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