Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 134 Scared


As the sound of screams receded from inside the manor, Dio walked in casually.

At a certain hill, Frank Castle saw everything with the sniper scope!

He quickly disassembled his snipers and put it back inside his black travel bag and walked back to the foot of the hills.

“I am not needed here.”

Dio was far more powerful than he thought!

He couldn’t find any reason on how the mobs’ throat was sliced open, while there was clearly nothing near them!

The Punisher knew that if Kingpin was really there, there was no way that he would be alive after all that!

At the same time, Dio walked in, while shouting that he was there to deliver a package to Wilson Fisk!

“Is anyone home? I have a package for Mr. Kingpin. Please sign and check it.”

But there was no one answering, no ambush, or anyone was trying to sneak past him or anything!

“Looks like I have to deliver this package myself.”

On the top floor of the mansion, inside a secret room, Kingpin was smoking his cigarette while kept observing Dio with the surveillance camera around the mansion.

“Are all people here are the remaining force?”

“Yes. These all people we have, the rest are… dead.”

Kingpin’s men looked at each other with fear on their eyes, if they fought against an army, they could still think of a way to fight against them, but this time, it was an invisible monster attacking them!

There was no way to fight something like that!

“Are you scared?” Kingpin asked his men with a judging eye!

“No… No…”

The rest of Kingpin’s men suddenly swallowed their spit as Kingpin asked the obvious, but they still couldn’t say that they were scared for that would be the time Kingpin himself would kill them!

“I am sorry! I am not scared at all!”

But Kingpin didn’t care and immediately shot the man right between the eyes!

“If you are scared, own it and get over it! You don’t lie to me! Now, does everyone understand everything I said? You will die eventually, that is the risk that you already took when you decide to enter this line of work! Now, raise your weapon! I will give a million dollars to your family if you are dead, and a hundred million dollars for whoever kill that man!” Kingpin said while pointing at Dio’s image inside the surveillance monitor.

With Kingpin’s reassurance, the rest of the man tried to encourage themselves and stepped down the secret stairs to kill Dio.

They moved in unison while constantly aiming their weapon forwards.

What they didn’t know was that [Hanged Man] has already seen them from the glass chandelier above them.

Suddenly, a grenade was thrown to the stairs from below, and they soon scattered.

“Granade! Take cover!”

But a few seconds passed, and the grenade didn’t explode!


Some of the mobs were angered for being fooled, but some of them were careful as they thought that something was fishy!

One of the angered mobs, walked forward to take the grenade and threw it back towards Dio, but as he bent down to take the grenade, his head fell off his shoulder!

That is like a horror movie scene that terrified the rest of the mobs completely!

They knew that no matter what they did, they had no way to deal with Dio!

“Agh! My legs!”

“Stop… Stop it! Agh!”


As the clock was ticking, they eventually succumbed to their fear!

They immediately shouted profanity and ran back towards Kingpin’s room while shooting around aimlessly towards the stairs!

Several of them were even hit by a stray bullet from their own gun, but they didn’t stop running towards Kingpin’s room as the fear had a tight grip on their heart!

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