Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 135 Parcel


Some of them finally died from the stray bullets which were shot by their own friends, and those who survived the chaos were extremely disoriented from the constant shooting near them.

But as Dio trailed off behind them, one of them was cut from the top of their head to his groin!

Seeing the bloodied state of their friends, they once again ran and relentlessly shot the surrounding!

Once they arrived at the top of the stairs, there were only three people left from a total of 20 people.

“Open the door! Let me in!”

“Let me in! I don’t need money anymore!”

The three of them banged the door that led to Kingpin’s room.

That was the only way that they could come up with to survive.

They assumed that as long as they hid on confined space like Kingpin, they won’t be killed!

However, Kingpin didn’t care about any of them!

He didn’t want the enemy to enter his place for sparing any of his man’s life!

“Let’s bring him to die together with us!”


The three desperate men began to shoot at Kingpin’s door as if that was their last resort, if they at least bust the door open, Kingpin would also die with them!

But unfortunately for them, the door was bulletproof, and it wasn’t any normal bulletproof either.

The bulletproof material of that door could even withstand a rocket launcher attack!

Even though Kingpin knew that Dio was using some unusual way to kill his prey, he didn’t think that Dio could force his way inside that bulletproof room!

The three desperate men who saw that their gun didn’t do any damage to the door finally realized that they would be killed right there and immediately threw their gun and waited for their death in peace.

Sure enough, the red line quickly appeared on their neck, and in that instant, their throat was sliced open!

Dio came toward the door and knocked, “Excuse me, is Mr. Wilson Fisk was inside? I bring a parcel that needed Mr. Wilson Fisk’s signature.”

“Hello, anyone there? Can you pick the parcel now?”

Kingpin ultimately showed himself as he pushed a button and lifted the wooden part of the door, leaving the bulletproof glass there.

Dio saw that it was really Kingpin, at least the description was the same!

“Well, this is awkward. The parcel is me myself and that I am here to relieve you of the cruel life that you have been living. But here is the catch, I need your head as someone has requested it.” Dio said casually.

“Tell me about your price! 100 million dollars? 200 million dollars? If you agree to work for me, I would even compensate your destroyed house and called back any attack that threatens your life! You can even get more money than I offered, you can ask me how much money you want!” Kingpin said confidently.

“Wow, wonderful speech, I’m almost touched! Well, would you want to be my slave? If you want, I could spare your life, but of course, all of your possession would be mine afterward!” Dio said indifferently.

“Well, it seems that whoever gave me your information had won! It seems that it doesn’t matter who died between us! Sure, go ahead and kill me if you can. But be quick, you don’t have much time!” Kingpin said confidently.

Wilson Fisk wasn’t the man who will bend his knee to another man!

He would choose death every time than doing something like that!

But he knew one thing at the very least, if he didn’t take the shot to kill Dio, he wouldn’t be in such deep trouble like he currently was.

Dio sighed and immediately used the Scarlet Overdrive Hamon Technique to melt the bulletproof glass in front of him!

He kept increasing the temperature of the technique, and finally, at 2000 celcius the glass began to melt!

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