Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 136 The Mastermind


Obviously, Dio could destroy the bulletproof glass with his insane power, but he decided not to as to make Kingpin restless!

In desperation, Kingpin pulled out his gun and shot Dio on the chest, but he was shocked to see that the bullet was bouncing off of Dio’s body, the bullet didn’t even graze Dio’s T-shirt!

“What are you? How could something like this exist!” Kingpin said with shock on his face.

“It doesn’t matter. You don’t really have to know about me anymore.” Dio said indifferently.

Kingpin quickly pushed a button to open up his escape hatch and run toward the opened hatch near the window, but as he ran, he immediately fell!

The strange thing was that his head didn’t fall along with his body, and that was when he realized that his head had been separated from his body!

“It is my body…”

After that, he completely lost consciousness.

Dio frowned once again, he knew that Kingpin wouldn’t run away from such a desperate situation, he should’ve known that escaping was a useless move.

Dio’s thought that the one he just killed was another fake that seemed to be true!

Dio seemed to be confused, how Kingpin could have so many double everywhere!

He dropped the head to the floor as he wasn’t sure whether that was really the real Kingpin anymore!

“Really troublesome…”

He began to trash the entire room to find any information regarding the possibility of that person really was double that the real Kingpin used to lure Dio in.

But as he expected, he couldn’t find any evidence to confirm whether that was the fake Kingpin or not.

In frustration, Dio destroyed the table in front of him to pieces, and suddenly a fragmented cane flew off from the table.

“Sure enough.”

He immediately knew that the man he just killed really wasn’t the real Kingpin, Kingpin’s cane was supposed to be a high-tech cane that couldn’t be easily destroyed like that, and that cane he just destroyed was just an ordinary cane!

He knew that Wilson Fisk was supposed to have an exceptional combat skill, possibly better than the Punisher and Daredevil combined!

“As expected of Kingpin!”

He knew that there was no way a man with that stature would choose to run away instead of fighting him head-on!

“Moody Blues!”

He quickly called [Moody Blues] out and ordered it to rewind the time of that room.

Dio was surprised by Wilson Fisk’s tactic to make a number of doubles to make sure that he wouldn’t be targeted!

Dio was impressed by Kingpin’s resilience.

Dio kept watching as [Moody Blues] rewinding the time of the room, he could see that the fake Kingpin has ordered all of his men to go down while giving money to the dead.

Dio found what he was looking for immediately as yesterday morning, the fake Kingpin was on the call with someone, and from the looks of it, he may be calling the real Kingpin!

The fake asked for how long did he have to stay inside the mansion, and Kingpin quickly told him that he had to stay there for a week!

“I couldn’t talk too long as ‘my’ wife was calling me out to help her in the kitchen and that I also need to help ‘my’ daughter with her homework later! You don’t need to worry. I will fulfill my promise and that in a one-week time, you will be having dinner with ‘my’ family again!” The real Kingpin said as he closed the call!

Dio couldn’t help but noticed that the real Kingpin kept emphasizing the word ‘my’ which had to be some kind of a clue of where he was at the moment!

He realized that the real Kingpin should have been with the family of the fake Kingpin as to make sure that the fake Kingpin didn’t do anything unnecessary with his identity!

Dio once again was impressed by Wilson Fisk’s genius mind, he was really a man deserved of his title, the mastermind!

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