Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 137 The Show is Coming Soon


Meanwhile, in a regular apartment complex in Queens, New York.

Wilson Fisk closed his laptop that he used to watch the Mansion from the hidden camera.

He saw everything that happened in the secret room, from the killing of his double and the destruction that Dio caused to the place in his anger!

From what he has just seen, he knew that nothing would work against Dio, even if he brought a legion of the mobster, the weapon just didn’t work against him!

It’s been a while since he encountered a formidable opponent, he knew that things would be exhilarating!

Not long after that, he heard a woman’s voice calling him for dinner.

“Dear, dinner is ready. Come here soon.”


He quickly obeyed and sat down on the table as a good husband that he currently acted.

He said, “Today is our wedding anniversary, right?”

“Oh, you do remember! Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s sit down and eat.”

Kingpin winked at her ‘daughter’ who supposedly was a sign for her to fetch a bouquet of flowers in her room.

“It’s time for dinner Lisa, where are you going?”

The wife, who was preparing cutlery, saw that her daughter went somewhere else even though it was already dinner time, so she glanced at Kingpin meaningfully as if complaining that he didn’t pay attention to his daughter.

Not long after, Lisa came out of her room, holding a bouquet of roses in her hand.

“Mom, this is a gift from dad, surprised?”

The wife looked surprised, she was delighted, but she tried to hide it by saying that her husband shouldn’t waste his money on something like that.

Wilson Fisk touched ‘his daughter’s head’ endearingly; he had forgotten how such a loving family felt like.

At the same time, Matt Murdoch, dressed in his lawyer uniform, stood with Frank in front of the manor.

“Why doesn’t he come out?”

“I don’t know.”

“Should we enter now?”

But Frank quickly told Matt,  “No, we must wait for him.”

Frand added, “You said he had a strange killing technique. I am afraid that the technique can’t differentiate an ally from the enemy!”

“You are right.”

But as time went by, Frank became restless and stormed the place himself while holding his favorite assault rifle!

Matt was startled a little bit and told Frank to wait as he wanted to come too.

The two of them quickly killed many reinforcements that already arrived inside the manor, causing many mobs to fell into a panic, and soon enough, the situation became chaotic as the mobs began to shoot them both relentlessly!

It became obvious that the mobs preferred to fight Daredevil and Punisher instead of Dio, at the very least they knew what Daredevil and Punisher was capable of and had a better chance of survival than fighting a monster like Dio!

Dio quickly walked downstairs to the main lobby as he finished confirming the location of the real Kingpin and saw that the Daredevil and Punisher were fighting the mob’s reinforcement.

He decided to help them both and quickly killed all mobs on the room with [Hanged Man], making the hallway drenched with blood!

Daredevil and Punisher were surprised to see that Dio easily killed everyone in a short amount of time!

Frank, who saw that Dio came down empty-handed, said, “Failed?”

Dio quickly answered,  “Kingpin was there, but it was, unfortunately, a fake one, so I wouldn’t bother to bring his head down.”

Punisher nodded his head in understanding and quickly made his way to the door to leave the place while Matt was a little bit disappointed himself, but he didn’t take that much interest in killing the man.

“Even though the one upstairs is a fake one, I already got the necessary information about the real Kingpin! I now know the whereabouts of that slick trash! If you are not in a rush to attend dinner, I will take you to see a good show!” Dio said while smugly smiled toward the Punisher and Daredevil.

With [Moody Blues] at his disposal, no place was safe!

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