Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 138 Caught You


“Anyone home? I bring a parcel for Mr. Shariff. Please sign it.”

Dio knocked on the door of the apartment in Queens with the name Shariff on it while pretending to be a delivery courier.

A woman opened the door and quickly signed the paperwork, Dio kept talking with a smile on his face with not so quiet voice.

The woman shouted to his husband,  “What else did you buy this time? It won’t be surprise gift again, right?”

But the husband, who was actually Kingpin, immediately felt danger!

He never bought anything that would be delivered there, and that voice that he kept hearing was so familiar!

It was already too late!

The stupid woman had opened the door.

There was no time left!

He had to escape from that place!

He quickly punched the wall close to the daughter, and broke the wall, took out the cane that he hid in the wall, and quickly jumped outside!

The daughter screamed loudly as she was confused, why would his father break the wall and jumped out of the windows.

Wilson Fisk didn’t care anymore, and jumping from a third-story building wasn’t much for his physical fitness.

The place had been designed so that he could escape quickly if something like that happened!

The wife quickly ran toward her daughter’s bedroom and saw that her daughter was panicking in the room, and her husband had jumped out of the window!

Dio wasn’t surprised to see that Wilson Fisk jumped out of the window and escaped, he knew that Kingpin wouldn’t go far, he already had Daredevil and Punisher waiting outside, and they surely wouldn’t let the Kingpin escaped!

Sure enough, when he took a look from the window, he saw that the Punisher and Daredevil were already engaged in a fight with Kingpin!

But he was curious to see the Punisher didn’t use his gun to fight Kingpin!

Dio knew that Daredevil wasn’t using a gun as his weapons and understood that he couldn’t use it even if he wanted too.

But the Punisher’s main weapon was a gun, and therefore it was weird that he didn’t use it but instead fought Kingpin head-on.

Dio speculated that maybe there was something wrong with the Punisher’s head, he should know that Kingpin was much more skilled in close combat than both of them!

But the woman and her daughter quickly ran outside to help her husband as she still didn’t find anything was wrong with her husband!

She started to shout for help as she arrived at the alley and tried to stop their fight!

Her loud voice attracted many pedestrians that only stood there like a bystander because after seeing that the Daredevil fought, they were afraid that they would become the next target or something.

Punisher used his combat knife, the Daredevil, with his special baton and the Kingpin with his cane!

From the choice of weapon that they used in that fight, Kingpin still had the advantage!

The cane was a modified cane that could discharge an electric shock, smoke bomb, and a laser gun.

However, Frank didn’t use his gun on that fight purely because he was afraid that he could injure Matt somehow.

He knew that Daredevil had an enhanced hearing, smell, and touch, but an injury was still an injury, he didn’t want to make a mistake and shoot a stray bullet that could be fatal to his friend!

Wilson Fisk, on the other hand, was already annoyed enough of his identity being revealed and knew that he needed to fight those two freaks to escape, while he knew that he would not be able to escape them using a normal method!

He knew that as he pulled out his cane from the wall inside ‘his daughter’s’ bedroom, the reinforcement who would help him will be coming in a couple of minutes.

He purposely didn’t place any mobs around him since it would be easier for his enemies to find him.

But as the situation unfolded, the woman quickly ran back up and took out a shotgun, immediately went back down and threatened to shoot Daredevil and Punisher if they didn’t leave her husband alone.

Wilson Fisk looked at them with a smirk on his face, he acted like he really was the woman’s husband and quickly said, “You must go back with our daughter! It’s too dangerous here… I love you.”

The Punisher and Daredevil quickly punched Kingpin as hard as they could until Kingpin was lying on the ground, and the woman quickly rushed forward while trembling.

It was clear that that woman couldn’t shoot even if she wanted too, but she needed to threaten them to leave her husband alone!

After hearing her husband‘s warm confession of love once again, the woman couldn’t let her husband die by those two men’s hand.

“Get away from my husband! Or I will shot you!” She gritted her teeth and fired a warning shot to declare that she wasn’t kidding.

Kingpin smirked widened as he saw that the Punisher and Daredevil began to hesitate!

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