Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 139 Sitting Next To Him


“I will handle that woman!”


Daredevil quickly told the Punisher that he would subdue the woman, leaving the Punisher to fight alone with Kingpin.

But, at the same time, the police’s siren was heard along with the chaos.

Kingpin, who should be scared that he could be captured, smiled wickedly.

He quickly released a poison mist to push back the Punisher forcefully, and while the Daredevil was dealing with his wife, he quickly ran into the police officer.

“I surrender! Please protect my safety!”

The Punisher, Daredevil, and Dio heard Kingpin was asking for a sanctuary to the officer, Matt and Dio frowned as they knew that Kingpin would walk out again from the police’s detention as he could lawyer up and such.

Meanwhile, the Punisher became desperate to chase Kingpin but found himself unable to as many police officers arrived at the scene.

For the first time in his life, the Punisher regretted not shooting down the Kingpin earlier.

But he still could do something about it!

He quickly reached for his travel bag and pulled out the M16-Carbine that he prepared earlier, but he wasn’t fast enough!


The police saw him taking out an automatic rifle quickly shouted for the rest of the policeman to take cover and for the Punisher to stand down.

The Police officer quickly dragged Kingpin behind their police car and guarded him.

The Punisher was forced to take cover behind a wall while Matt jumped down towards him.

“Are you crazy!”

“This is our only chance to kill him!”

Once Kingpin was brought to the Police Station, there was no other chance to kill that bastard!

Matt shouted at the Punisher while saying that he was crazy!

“Don’t be crazy! Even if we can’t kill the Kingpin at the moment, there will be another chance, there is no way to get past that many police officers!”

The Punisher frowned as he knew what the Daredevil said was true; he couldn’t take a shot while there were so many police officers right there.

He had conscience too!

He didn’t kill a hard-working police officer who was there to do their job!

But as he followed the Daredevil out of the scene, he remembered Dio was still there!

He knew that Dio wouldn’t let the Kingpin escape, and with his crazy mysterious power, hopefully, he will be able to finish Kingpin!

“Matt, if someone sends me a gift through you! Please hold on to it until I come!” The Punisher said excitedly to the Daredevil.

“What? Is it almost your birthday or what? Did you need me to order a birthday cake for you?” Matt said sarcastically.

The Punisher was clearly annoyed by Matt’s snarky comment but decided to let it slide this once.

Meanwhile, the police officers were in chaos!

They didn’t know what to do with Kingpin.

Obviously, he was the most wanted man in America, but he was also the well-known philanthropist Wilson Fisk!

There were also the woman and her daughter saying that they were the family of the Kingpin and wanted to meet with him.

As soon as one of them reported back to their chief in the precinct, they were told to guard the Kingpin with their life and not to let the Kingpin escaped!

The police officers became more chaotic as some of them wanted to take credit for that arrest!

The Kingpin himself was smirking in victory as he thought that he has successfully survived the crisis.

All he needed to do was paid a visit to the jail while he kept controlling his criminal activity from the shadow and then bribed the police and the judge to release him sooner.

After all that, he could come back again without a hitch!

But as soon as the police car began to move, he saw a terrifying man with bandages around his face sitting next to him from the rear-view mirror, but as he looked over to his sides, there was no one there!


He looked over to the rear-view mirror once again and saw the terrifying man was now holding a shard dagger!

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