Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 140 Out


Seeing such a terrifying scene, Kingpin quickly looked behind him, but he saw nothing!

Then he turned back to the mirror again. In the mirror, he saw a bandaged monster with almost struck his neck with a dagger in its hand!

But when he checked again, just like last time, he saw nothing!


He punched into the air but didn’t touch anything.

The terrifying scene began to take an unprecedented turn!

The terrifying man held his neck and sliced his neck slowly!

Blood soon dripped from his neck, clearly stating that the situation was real!

Kingpin reacted by punching the air in his side, but he didn’t feel his fist hit anything!

He felt the desperation as he couldn’t do anything to that terrifying man. He quickly opened the car door and jumped down quickly!

The police officer that was driving the car was shocked to see the Kingpin tried to get away by jumping from the moving car and quickly hit the brake.

That act clearly was a surprise to the car behind the police car, and a collision was inevitable!

Many police cars rushed in towards Kingpin’s body in the street and quickly pointed their guns toward the Kingpin.

But they were shocked beyond belief as they saw that the Kingpin had lost his head!

“What the hell is going?”

Those police officers were scared shitless while some of them began to wonder what the hell was going on there, they didn’t see any attacker near their car, but the clean-cut in the neck was clearly from a sharp knife-like object!

The police officer from the car that Kingpin jumped off looked at the situation with a frown in his face, he will surely be held accountable from letting the Kingpin killed like that!

The situation in the criminal underworld will surely change dramatically due to what just happened!

Not long after that, Dio came to Hell’s Kitchen with a gift package in his hands. He quickly walked into an apartment and knocked on the door excitedly.

Matt quickly asked who was on the door, “Who?”

And Dio answered, “It’s me.”

Matt opened the door, but a strong smell of blood quickly overwhelmed his sense of smell, “What is it?”

Matt backed down calmly while asking what Dio was doing in his apartment.

Dio answered, “This gift is your friend payment for the useful information the other day. Can you please give it to him?”

Matt remembered Frank said that there would be a package for him that Matt should hold onto for a while.

“Sure. Anything else?” Matt accepted the package.

Dio thought for a while and said, “You also help me, what kind of payment do you want?”

Matt sighed as he knew that he didn’t do enough by letting the Kingpin escape, but he couldn’t refuse Dio as he knew that the man wouldn’t stop bugging him for it.

He quickly said, “One dollar.”

“One dollar?”

“Yes. One dollar. You hear me, right? Don’t try to cheat me.”

Dio was confused about the little amount of money that Matt was asking.

Dio laughed as he knew that Daredevil didn’t want his money.

“I  am sorry, I don’t have one dollar at the moment. I owe you one, I will pay later.”

Matt quickly agreed and said, “Mr. Dio can come to my office if there were any legal issues that you need to solve. Also, I have to change the apartment soon because many people have already found out where I live.”

Dio laughed once again and said, “If you ever heard anything about anyone trying to trouble me again, I will reward you for that information satisfyingly!”

From Dio’s word, Matt knew that Kingpin wouldn’t bother Dio again!

It meant that he was already taken care of!

As soon as Dio left, Matt opened the package and closed it again in an instant. He sighed as he needed to find the Punisher as soon as possible!

Dio quickly left Hell’s Kitchen and found a hotel for a good night’s rest. He hasn’t slept well recently because he thought where the Kingpin could be.

There was no wonder even if he was an ordinary human. Kingpin could live well enough while having so many heroes on his ass!

Unfortunately for Kingpin, Dio was no hero either!

He picked up Kingpin’s head quickly as it flew off when the Kingpin jumped from the Police Car and quickly drove away from the scene.

There was no way Kingpin could escape the power of his Stand!

There was still a possibility that that wasn’t the real Kingpin, but as Dio saw that the man’s fighting prowess was great and his physical ability was on par with Captain America, and not to mention there was the Cane as well.

With that many variables, Dio concluded that the man was indeed the real Kingpin!

With Kingpin was dead, all he needed to solve was Hydra, who already poisoned the SHIELD!

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