Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 141 Say No More


On Monday, Will came to the restaurant reluctantly.

After so many good parties in the Stark Industries, he was already exhausted!

But as he entered the restaurant, he saw Dio was smoking a cigar, he quickly jumped over and whined, “Wow! When did you smoke a cigar? You were really corrupted by capitalism, you changed, you forgot that we …”

“Take it and get away!”

Dio laughed heartily and quickly gave Will another box of cigar that he took from the manor yesterday.

Will quickly lit one cigar, “Is it cheap stuff?”

Dio shrugged his shoulder and took one more box out and gave it to Will while saying, “This one special for you.”

Will was touched by Dio’s word while saying that surely Dio was too kind to him!

“Brother, you are so kind to me, can you introduce me to my wife?”

“Get ready!”

Dio smacked Will’s head in a joking manner and said that he should start cleaning the place up for the customer that will arrive soon.

Will quickly packed the rest of the cigars and took it to Dio’s room for safekeeping and quickly began to work.

Will quickly cleaned the place while also spraying some air freshener to hide the cigar’s smell.

Dio couldn’t help but laugh at Will’s weird behavior.

As the shift of the day ended, Pepper came to the restaurant again.

Dio couldn’t help but noticed that Pepper was really stressed, maybe because of her jobs or maybe because of Tony, but it was probably both!

“The problem is gone, you don’t have to babysit Will anymore.”

“That’s good, everyday ladies ask me about Tony’s cousin, I can’t take it anymore.”

Dio held his head in embarrassment as Will probably said too much bullshit in the Stark Industries.

“I am sorry for the trouble.”

“It’s okay, as long as you remember your promise.”

Dio nodded his head while saying, “Relax, I never forget my promise, I will be more gentle later.”

Pepper laughed and said that she was sorry that Tony still acted like a child, Pepper also said that Tony didn’t bear any ill intention, that was just the way he was.

“Thank you, if not because you, Tony’s condition, will worsen. Sorry about Tony’s attitude.”

“I think you should pay attention to your health first than Tony, who is still temporarily dead. Are you sleep well?”

“Unfortunately, I have so much work every day that makes people desperate. Since Obadiah was personally sent to prison by Tony, he no longer manages anything, so now Stark Industry has always been my managed by me alone. I should ask Tony to raise my salary.” Pepper said with a grin.

Tony wasn’t much of a help either, seeing that he was too focused on developing his Suit of Armor.

Pepper joked by saying that she should ask for a raise with that kind of workload!

Dio knew the situation that Pepper was currently having, she was a loyal person!

With her qualification, Tony should really be grateful that she could handle every job thrown at her.

“Do you believe I can cure Tony?”

Pepper was startled of the sudden question that Dio threw at her, “Of course!”

However, Dio already knew Pepper’s personality, so therefore he taunted Pepper, “I don’t believe myself, how could you believe me?”

Pepper was startled once again, as she didn’t know how to answer Dio’s question.

She fell into silence as she didn’t know what else to do.

Dio quickly said, “I ask you to experience my treatment personally, so you can have more confidence to persuade Tony.”

If the dishes worked, Pepper would have an easier time to persuade Tony to accept the treatment!

Pepper, who wanted to refuse, then changed her mind the second she heard Dio’s reason.

She knew that what Dio had said was true, there was so much she could say to Tony about Dio’s dishes, but she herself hasn’t tried one.

So, she nodded her head in agreement with Dio’s offer!

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