Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 142 Conquered by a Glass of Water


Dio knew that humans would instinctively resist any unknown thing that was offered to them, and since Dio had given her bodyguards a list of ingredients that he needed to make the dish, she had no chance to back down.

Once her bodyguards came back from the nearest market, she was surprised to see that her bodyguards have brought so many items.

“Is that all that I am got to eat now, I seriously had a problem with my appetite, Dio. I don’t think I could finish that much food in one sitting!” Pepper said worriedly.

“Don’t worry, I would only use a little bit of some of them. The rest of them would be my stock in the restaurant.” Dio said while taking some of the ingredients into his walk-in freezer.

But Pepper saw the ingredient that Dio leave on the table to make her dishes and once again felt her stomach upset as she wasn’t familiar with the ingredients!

Pepper notice that Dio and Tony had the same personality, they would make people angry, but then again, they know how to make a shocking result to shut every critic that comes their way!

“Now, wait for a while, I will cook the dishes now, it shouldn’t take that long. I wouldn’t charge you any extra hour work too, isn’t it neat!” Dio said while he smirk and walk toward the kitchen.

Pepper was upset as she didn’t force Dio to cook for her nor that she wanted to in the first place.

Dio just offered to cook for her to prove his own ability and force her to accept it! Why would she pay for this!

After 45 minutes, Dio walked into the Dining Room with a plate of Garlic Soup, A Spicy Chicken, a Bowl of Rice, and a glass of water. He set it on the table in front of Pepper casually.

“Now, I advised that your bodyguards should wait outside before you eat. I don’t want any uncomfortableness after the treatment was over.” Dio said casually toward Pepper.

Pepper frowns as she didn’t like the look of any Dish that Dio had prepared for her, he didn’t use to any of this fatty looking dish!

Furthermore, she was confused as to why her bodyguards would need to wait outside while she was only gonna eat the dishes, but as she remembered Dio’s gory power, she obeyed Dio and told her bodyguards to wait for her outside.

The guards hesitated for a moment, but Pepper reassured them by saying that it would be her responsibility if something happened to her.

The bodyguards reluctantly left the restaurant, leaving Pepper alone with Dio.

“May I eat the dishes now?” Pepper asked annoyedly.

“Sure, but I advised that you should stay calm while the treatment effect is taking place, I assure you that you are safe and I would be here to guarantee your safety!” Dio said a little bit serious than before.

Pepper was a little bit confused and curious about what Dio has just said, so she quietly nodded her head in agreement.

“Now, you should taste the water first to start the meal.” Dio said while pointing his finger towards a glass of water.

Pepper was a little bit confused as to why she needs to start the meal by drinking a glass of water, but she politely obeyed as to not appeared rude toward Dio.

She knew that Dio wouldn’t make so much trouble if it would cause her harm, she slowly picked the glass of water and drank it casually.

After she drank it in one go, she was surprised to taste something that magnificent!

There was no drink that tasted better than that glass of water that Dio had prepared for her.

Pepper immediately looked at Dio confusedly while Dio shrugged his shoulder helplessly.

“Whatever happens in the next hour, I promise I wouldn’t tell any single souls about it!” Dio said solemnly.

Pepper was confused once again as she doesn’t understand anything that Dio had said. She decided to trust Dio completely and not ask for any explanation from Dio.

“Can I ask you for more of this water, please!” Pepper asked while licking her lips unconsciously. She couldn’t help but remember the tasty water that Dio had prepared.

“I am afraid that you couldn’t get any more of that water, it should only drink once for each treatment, and you should wait for the treatment effect of the water to show up before you could eat anything else!” Dio said while shrugging his shoulder.

As Dio finished speaking, Pepper suddenly burst into tears! She touched her face in confusion as she didn’t know why she would be crying in the first place!

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