Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 143 A Chilly Pepper


Pepper remembered Dio’s word telling her to keep calm no matter what happened, so Pepper tried not to make any scene and stay as calm as possible.

But as the tears didn’t stop dripping, she began to panic a little bit.

“It’s okay, you are totally safe! The treatment process would end soon!” Dio said to calm Pepper down a bit.

Pepper tried to calm herself down, and sure enough, a minute after that, she stopped crying, and Dio immediately gave her a paper towel and a mirror.

She took it and began wiping the tears from her face, and as she looked at the mirror, she was surprised to see that her eye could see so much clearer and that the dark spot around her eyes has vanished!

She was left speechless as she didn’t know how could a glass of water have such effect, that was not normal at all!

Dio’s power was close to magic than energy manipulation!

“Your power is really amazing! Did you use some form of magic just now?” Pepper asked in disbelief.

Dio just stood there while shrugging his shoulder and looked at Pepper in amusement.

Pepper finally understood what Dio had meant by there was only so much could be said without ever trying it herself, that experience was one of the kinds!

“You can start eating the food as you saw fit, they gave the same kind of effect! But take things slow, I don’t want you to choke on your foods!” Dio said casually.

Pepper immediately tried the food and quickly ignored Dio’s advice and ate like she already starved for days!

She didn’t show any manner as she found that the food was so good!

Unlike anything that she has ever eaten!

The food was spicy, and even though Pepper supposedly couldn’t handle spicy food, but she continued to eat the dish in delight.

She finished everything off, with three bowls of rice!

She really looked like a woman who has already starved for a very long time!

She even licked her plate clean at the end of her dine!

After finishing everything off, Pepper began to regain her composure. She finally restrained herself from doing anything more shameful in front of Dio.

She was flustered after remembering what she had just done in front of Dio, but although it was shameful, Dio didn’t laugh at her as he tried to look professional in front of Pepper.

“Now, the treatment process would show themself in any second now! Like before, I hope you didn’t panic and keep your calm!” Dio said to Pepper as a reminder.

Pepper nodded, and sure enough, the effect started immediately.

Pepper felt itchy on her entire body, she began to scratch her face to diminish her itch, but as soon as she did that, dead skins began to crumble from her face!

She was shocked to see what was happening, but as she remembered Dio’s advice, she regained her composure.

She finally understood why Dio advised sending the guards outside, if anyone saw such a scene, she would be ashamed and embarrassed trough out her life, and there was the possibility of her experience being recorded for blackmail too!

As more dead skin began to fall from Pepper’s body and hair falling down her head, she could see that the skins on her arms became smoother and delicate, her hair also grew back at an incomprehensible way, she touched and looked at her new hair and saw that the hair was soft and silky, like a teenager’s hair!

She also felt that something was off on her mouth, one of her teeth vibrated and suddenly shot itself towards the wall!

The unexpected thing was that her tooth grew back instantly in the same position as the one that just popped out.

Dio quickly handed her a mirror, and as she checked her own face, she was surprised to see and feel that her face has become delicate and smooth like a teenager again.

She was even surprised to see that her hair, including her eyelashes and eyebrows, were having their black roots back!

Once she looks at her teeth, she also saw that one of her teeth was whiter than the other!

This was just another magic! She thought to herself.

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