Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 144 Side Effect


“I will make an exception this time, I will exclude all fees except the dishes expense, so it would be $300.000! Would you like to pay with a credit card or check?” Dio asked Pepper immediately after all the treatment process has concluded.

Pepper quickly took the carding machine on the table and swiped her card in and paid the $300.000 immediately.

“This is crazy! If you promote your ability to the world, I am sure that every woman in the world would go crazy over you!” Pepper said enthusiastically.

“That would be too overwhelming. My guest queue already goes long over a month now! There is still a fixed amount of guest that I could entertain in one day, for my energy and time is limited!” Dio said while smiling at Pepper.

“You mean that you can’t mass produce this stuff? Is there no way to make the dish consumable to people overseas?” Pepper said curiously.

“No, I need to be present during the treatment. There are several reasons for this, the first one is to avoid any accident, and the second one is once these dishes reached a certain range from me, it will lose its energy and turn them back into normal food.” Dio said regretfully.

Pepper seemed to be lost in thought after hearing Dio’s explanation, she didn’t know what else to say about all this.

Dio himself failed to become the world’s richest man because of that limitation!

But nevertheless, Dio was still grateful to be able to have the [Pearl Jam] even with all its limitations!

Without that stand, it would be incredibly hard for him to find any way to obtain money fast enough like he was doing!

Pepper then suddenly asked if there was any negative side effect for consuming the dish, Dio quickly looked at her funnily.

Dio quickly told Pepper that she has already experienced the negative side effect herself while pointing at the dead skin on the floor.

Pepper then blushed and laughed while also joking by saying that the side effect was really serious that she could be scared to death!

“I don’t really know the extent of this power. I didn’t know just what kind of sickness that couldn’t be cured using this ability. That is why I have to check the person thoroughly before I treat them. That is also the reason that I said that I’m not really sure I could cure Tony, the best I can do now is maybe relieve him of his suffering and prolong his life! if he is willing to cooperate, I could try to find a way to cure him, but that is if he is willing to do so!” Dio said solemnly.

Pepper nodded her head in understanding, Dio’s words were the same as every single doctor out there, even if the probability of successful healing was 99% the doctor wouldn’t dare to say the patient would surely heal.

In addition, she finally knew how severe Tony’s condition was from Dio’s word. She was finally convinced that Tony had something that was really beyond her calculation!

She was clouded with so many thoughts about Tony at the moment, there was no guarantee that Tony would be alive the next morning if he remained stubborn!

She needed to do something about Tony as fast as possible before it’s all too late!

She quickly excused herself to Dio while saying that she would try to persuade Tony some more to get the treatment that he needed.

She has made a resolve to drag Tony to get the treatment as soon as possible even if Tony would hate her for that.

Dio, on the side, looked at Pepper with amusement.

Even if he really liked money, he wouldn’t beg for it.

If Tony came to him with an attitude, he would surely give Tony hell in the treatment, or even worse, he could refuse to treat Tony!

Dio mentioned that problem to Pepper, and she immediately nodded in understanding, there was only so much that a person could take, and people like Dio wouldn’t want to be stepped on by others!

Pepper quickly left the restaurant while saying that she will call soon enough to make a reservation.

Dio nodded and quickly locked the restaurant’s door to find a hotel for him to rest for the night.

He will ask Will to clean the restaurant in the morning, so there was no need for him to clean it himself.

It was a pity that Kingpin’s mob bombed his villa.

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