Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 145 Result


The next day, Dio saw many news that stated the death of the well-known philanthropist Wilson Fisk after the allegation that he was involved in gang activity.

According to the news, the police were still in the thorough investigation of the strange death of Wilson Fisk and the truth regarding his criminal activity.

Dio knew that with Kingpin’s death, the police force would be forced to make a better decision on dealing with the mobs, especially with the increasing gang activity that was about to happen.

Dio still needed to deal with the invisible hand of the underworld organization, known as Hydra!

-Several days before Wilson Fisk’s death-

At SHIELD headquarter, Natasha walked casually towards Nick Fury’s office and informed him about Dio’s discovery.

Even though Dio has already told her that she couldn’t tell anybody as they didn’t know who to trust, but to Natasha, Nick Fury was the person that she could trust the most!

But just in case she has already made a safety net where the information she got would be screened to every member of the SHIELD and several high-ranking government staff about the Hydra inside the SHIELD if she ever happened to be missing or worst-case scenario, dead!

That way, not only she could deter Hydra’s movement, but also alerted innocent agent!

But fortunately for her, the worst didn’t happen as Nick Fury was shocked to hear Natasha’s report!

With that new information, he knew that the SHIELD was in a dire situation.

The Hydra was known to brainwash people to work for their cause, there was no way to distinguish that an agent of SHIELD was one of Hydra right now.

Nick Fury took the conclusion that they were alone right now, there was no way to mobilize SHIELD without Hydra knowing, and he couldn’t burn any assets as of the moment as he was so close to actualizing his dreams of making a superhero organization!

This time, he had to know how many SHIELD agents have already been compromised!

He quickly tasked Natasha and Coulson to investigate the truth regarding the incident involving Dio’s parent, and he himself tried to connect the dots that he knew were strange inside the SHIELD itself that he has been ignoring in the past!

-At the present time-

Nick Fury summoned Natasha and Coulson for discussing whatever information that both of them has discovered.

“Check for bugs on this office! We need to be safe before we begin!” Nick Fury said before they started discussing what they found, luckily, they found none. Nick Fury than sighed a little bit and told both of them to start talking.

“Dio’s parent incident had many loopholes on it, there is no security camera around that place that has the recording of the time of the incident. There must be someone that destroyed all of the recordings to erase their track out there! But I start to look for the day before, and someday after, I was truly shocked to see that Agent Jason was seen throughout the place several times! Not only that, but I also saw some agent that was allegedly close with Agent Jason also come near the place of the incident!” Natasha said, reporting what she found.

As Nick Fury saw every picture of the agent that Natasha had suspected as Hydra, his face became gloomy.

Several of those agents were agents that he has already trusted with some confidential information that shouldn’t be shared with anyone else!

“I investigated the place that Dio had been after the incident to see what other abnormalities that happen around him.” Coulson said, interjecting his report as he saw that Natasha had done reporting in.

“It was really a mess! Dio was declared dead as he comes into the hospital after the incident, but he miraculously wakes up again! He was also being tracked and followed once he left the hospital, but not only that, he also getting tracked while he was in the restaurant by an agent!” Coulson said informatively.

He had a few pictures of the agents that were following Dio around, and Nick was furious after seeing all the suspected agents’ pictures that Coulson showed him!

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