Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 146 Plan


There were so many things that had to be done, stressing out Nick Fury.

Finally, he ordered Natasha and Coulson, “You two now drop all your missions, focus on these exposed targets, and investigate the matter. I want to know how many spies have inside. In addition, now we don’t know which agents are trustworthy, so for the time being I can’t provide you with the support of the personnel, and you can’t disclose this task to anyone. Pay attention to safety and protect yourself as the first priority. I don’t want to lose any trusted agent again.”

Natasha and Coulson nodded their head in agreement, and Natasha said, “How about Dio? I think he seems to have a way to find out these people. He also told me that I could contact him if we need help. The other party killed his parents and disguised the scene as an accident, which made him stand in the same position as us in this confrontation. Perhaps this is the best opportunity to pull him into that plan.”

Nick started to think for a little while, and he had to admit that Natasha was spot on, it was very tempting to make sure that Dio really joined his plan to create the Superhero Team!

But Dio was also a loose cannon.

Once he was out of control, Nick couldn’t find any means to stop him!

That was also the reason why he needed the Avengers.

There had to be someone who could stop Dio or, at the very least, calm him down!

So, Nick told Natasha that Dio should be kept in the dark for now.

Natasha nodded while still hiding the existence of the Snail that Dio gave her.

Natasha and Coulson quickly left the office and met Alexander Pierce as they walked out.

Pierce asked, “It seems that Nick Fury is exploiting his staff again, and what important tasks have been arranged for you this time?”

“You should know that we all have confidentiality agreements, and we have to be tight-lipped about every mission. If you really want to know, ask Director Nick Fury.” Coulson didn’t think that Alexander Pierce was a Hydra agent but better be safe than sorry.

Pierce immediately patted Coulson’s shoulder while saying that he was indeed a very great agent and told Natasha and Coulson that they should work on whatever task Nick Fury gave them.

Both of them nodded and left the place quickly.

Pierce was there because he received a report that Nick Fury had turned off all monitoring devices on his office using his authority as Director of SHIELD.

Pierce frowned as he knew that something was up, there was no way Nick would turn off all monitoring devices and summoned his two most trusted agents just like that!

Nick was quite surprised to see Alexander Pierce in his office without any notice beforehand.

Furthermore, the timing made Nick a little bit restless.

Pierce immediately made himself comfortable by grabbing a glass of water and sat on the sofa, “Sorry forgot to knock the door.”

“No problem.” Nick followed suit and sat on the sofa across Pierce, trying his best to keep his poker face.

Pierce acted normally and tried to initiate some small talk with Nick Fury about the change of Agents’ attitude recently.

Fury played along with Pierce’s small talk for a while until he asked Pierce himself, what was the purpose of his sudden visit.

Pierce didn’t even notify him that he would be coming to Nick’s office this time.

Pierce quickly said, “Remember your application to the International Security Council for that plan?”

“The Avengers.” Nick Fury nodded, and Pierce told him that the program was too extreme to the Security Council’s liking.

It sounded ridiculous to let some superpowered civilians help to keep the world’s peace.

There had to be concrete proof that the program would succeed before the ISC would approve them.

But they still thought that it was ridiculous that Aliens would attack the earth in the first place.

Nick shook his head in amusement, he already knew that the thought of an old tinker wouldn’t be able to comprehend the dire situation that the earth will soon face.

So, he told Pierce that it all would be proved with time, as they will see for themselves that Nick’s idea was the best for the sake of the entire world!

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