Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 147


On Friday night, Dio drove to Jessica’s villa to celebrate Irene’s Birthday.

He walked toward the front door holding the gift on his hands.

He saw that the villa has become very lively, he thought that it must be because of Irene’s school friends.

Dio knew that there would be countless boys falling on Irene’s feet and many girls who would like to be her friends.

As Dio entered the house, he could see that Jessica really spent a lot of time to make sure that the party will be memorable for Irene.

Jessica noticed that Dio has arrived and immediately greeted him, “Hey Dio, when did you arrive? Sorry, I didn’t expect Irene to be so popular in the class, many people come to her birthday party.”

Dio told her, “It was okay, I don’t mind with the presence of kids.”

Dio saw that Irene was in the middle of several kids, chatting and laughing happily and finally saw Dio on the door with Jessica.

She quickly walked away from her friends and ran towards Dio excitedly.

She quickly took the present in Dio’s hand excitedly while asking, “Is this gift for me?”

“Yeah, of course. Happy birthday!” Dio nodded his head while patting Irene’s head, messing up her hair in the process.

“Thank you!” Irene excitedly opened the gift to see what Dio brought for her this time.

Dio looked around him and noticed that Irene was really the center of attention at the party.

He could see several boys eyeing Irene in admiration from afar and several girls who were excitedly waiting for Irene to open the gift.

Dio also saw several boys were looking at him in jealousy, because of the intimacy between Dio and Irene.

Dio was a little bit amused by the looks that the boys were giving, they didn’t even know that he may be Irene’s brother or Jessica’s boyfriend, but they clearly minded Dio being around Irene!

He also received some endearing looks from the girls, as many of them thought that Dio must be a model or Hollywood Star for Dio’s good looks.

They were frowning at Jessica as they thought there must have been something going on between Jessica and Dio.

The jealousy of the girls reached the peak when Irene has opened the gift and took out the necklace with a gemstone in the middle.

They all looked at the necklace with awe on their eyes, it was a really beautiful necklace!

Unlike normal gemstone, that one was gloriously shining under the lights.

Even an unskilled appraiser could see that the gem must have been extremely expensive!

Jessica quickly said to Dio, “That gift… Is it too expensive for Irene? It is inappropriate for a girl her age to have something like that.”

Irene also was thinking the same thing as her sister, she couldn’t receive a gift that luxurious!

Dio shook his head as he didn’t want Irene to reject his offer, “Irene obviously like the necklace and therefore she should keep it for herself. Also, the gem is an artificial one, not the real thing, and therefore it isn’t that expensive.”

Dio smiled towards Irene and patted her head one more time and quickly helped Irene to wear the necklace on her neck.

Jessica knew that the necklace couldn’t be some cheap necklace, it had to be some expensive necklace that Dio has prepared beforehand!

But after seeing Irene was so delighted to receive such a gift from Dio, she let it go.

She knew that Dio was a very important person for Irene, and therefore she didn’t want to take the gift away from Irene.

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