Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 148


Dio told Irene, “Even though that the gemstone was artificial. It still had the same characteristic as the real one.”

He quickly said to Jessica, “Turn off all the lights in the house so I can show Irene the gem’s characteristics.”

“Okay.” Jessica sighed and turned off all the lights inside the house.

The kids were looking at the gemstone expectantly, they were curious about what was so special about the gem.

As the lights were turned off, Dio quickly led Irene towards the window so that the moonlights could shine on the necklace without any interference.

Suddenly everyone was shocked by what they saw in front of their eyes.

The gem was shining in the darkroom, it projected many red rays across the room, making Irene looked like an angel!

The entire room began to shout as they saw the beautiful spectacle in front of them.

“Oh, my God!”

“It’s so beautiful!”

“Mom, I think I may be in love …”

“Is this really a ruby? I want one too!”

“It’s so shocking!”

Irene began to feel uncomfortable for so many eyes were looking at her.

Jessica noticed that and immediately turned on the lights.

As the lights turned on, people snapped off from their awe.

“It’s incredible, it’s incredible!”

“Which master’s work is this? No, can this really be done by humans? What is the principle?”

“Where can I buy this gemstone?”

The beautiful scene from the gemstone he just showed was really engraved in their minds.

Irene herself also shyly asked, “This… name?”

Dio smiled and said, “Red Stone of Aja.”

He told Irene, “Although that it was only an artificial one. It was named like the real one.”

Irene nodded her head, “Thank you! I will treasure the necklace forever.”

Dio nodded his head and told Irene, “Go play with your friends and spend more with them.”

“Mm!” Irene nodded happily and returned back to her friends.

As Irene left, Jessica quickly dragged Dio to the side and asked, “Tell the truth behind the gemstone. I never hear that name before.”

She also grabbed two glasses of wine and gave one to Dio.

Dio laughed as he was amused that even Jessica was jealous of the necklace too.

He quickly told Jessica, “It was a secret.”

She quickly rolled her eyes, “I don’t expect you to give me one, but I am thinking of buying one myself.”

Dio smiled at Jessica’s curiosity, but Dio knew that no matter how hard she tried to find one, she wouldn’t be able to.

The gift to Irene was a miscellaneous item that he got on his draws, and therefore it was clearly unavailable in that world.

The item was useless anyway as that world didn’t have any Pillar Man.

The real Red Stone of Aja, however, possessed the power to condense the lights around them to make a red beam, but the imitation in Irene’s possession couldn’t do that.

So, Dio didn’t see any harm for the gemstone in Irene’s possession.

But the gem would probably fetch a high price in the market for its beautiful characteristic, and therefore it was suitable to be a present for Irene’s birthday.

So, instead of sending Jessica on a goose hunt for the gem, Dio told her, “The gem was specially made and that if I can get another one, I will surely give it to you.”

Jessica nodded her head as he understood that the gem was really special!

If it were any ordinary gem, she would definitely know about it!

At the same time, she knew that whoever the crafter was, must be a special person who possessed a skill that was out of this world!

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