Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 149


Irene felt that her birthday was perfect because of Dio’s arrival, she never felt this happy before.

There was a time that she felt happy that her parents were always around, but it never happened anymore!

After the birthday party was over, her friends were picked up by their parents or siblings to go home.

Irene could still hear them being excited as they had been invited to a great party by Irene.

Their family also felt the excitement as they heard the story about the party that just happened.

In the night, Irene insisted that she would be sleeping beside Dio and Jessica, she even left Snowball, her dog alone in her bedroom, which almost never happened before!

So, to make sure that her sister didn’t resent her, Jessica relented and let her sleep with both of them that night.

But in the night, as Irene fell asleep, Dio and Jessica slipped out of the room and did the bidding in the next room!

In the morning, the first thing that Irene did was to check that her sister was still sleeping beside her, and after she saw that her sister was snoring beside her, she felt good about herself.

She thought that she has already prevented her sister from doing anything with Dio last night!

After having breakfast, Dio excused himself, “I must get back to the restaurant as soon as possible.”

Jessica had agreed, “Yeah, I will help you regarding the destruction of your villa.”

Dio needed Jessica’s help as the insurance company refused to pay for the compensation, and the owner pushed Dio to pay for the compensation himself.

Jessica said, “It will take me three days to find something to make sure that the insurance company will pay for the compensation, as you had indeed paid for insurance for the villa.”

On his way to the restaurant, Pepper called, “I already booked the place and informed Will. The time will be on Saturday night. You must come in person, I will send you the address soon.”

“Okay.” Dio hung up the phone while wondering what the genius Tony Stark was doing at a time like this.

At the same time, Tony, who has been cooped up inside his workshop for a few days, was taken by surprise as Pepper entered his workshop without any notice.

She immediately said, “I already booked the place so you and Dio could have dinner together with her on Saturday night.”

Tony immediately went off by saying, “I don’t trust Dio, and you should talk to me before making the decision!”

Pepper sighed and quickly said, “If I talk with you first before deciding, then you will find a way to make sure that they won’t have the time. If you refuse to take care of yourself this time, I will walk out of your house and resign from the company!”

Tony immediately raised his hand and said, “I will respect all of your decision and obey.”

He only hoped that the restaurant wouldn’t be another run-down restaurant again.

Pepper ignored Tony’s snide comment and said, “It was your favorite restaurant, so there was nothing to worry about!”

They soon fell into the awkward silence, and once Pepper said, “You must let me know what was happening. If Dio can’t help you, you must go to the hospital.”

But Tony refuted her and said, “Sorry, Pepper, I must work now, and Jarvis will close the door after you left.”

Tony soon returned to whatever it was that he was doing while leaving Pepper stood there alone.

Pepper quietly sighed and left the place after ordering Jarvis to remind Tony to eat on time.

As soon as Pepper left, Tony threw down the hammer that he was holding and remained silent for a while.

He took a cup of green juice from inside the freezer and quickly drank all of it in one go.

Jarvis soon told Tony, “It is lunchtime, what do you want to eat?”

Tony put down his glass and said, “I want the same thing as yesterday but adds some more flavor as yesterday’s menu almost made me puke!”

After that, Tony quickly got back to work, as working on his suit was the only thing that could make him forget about the fear, the fear of dying!

But that wasn’t only something that he did to forget, he also showed the result in it!

He had developed the Mark Armour with so many improvements!

In that aspect, he was truly a genius!

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