Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 150


Dio arrived at the place that Pepper had given to him, the place was a famous Michelin rated restaurant that Dio wanted to try for a very long time, but he never had the time to.

After he went in, he noticed that the restaurant was empty, the table was set to the side while leaving only the table in the center.

He also saw that Pepper and Tony have already arrived and already started dining.

Tony sarcastically said that they have already started eating out of boredom, he put down the pizza in his hands and let Dio sat.

Dio saw that Tony, as usual, ordered many junk foods for himself, like Pizza, Burgers, and fries!

Dio sighed as he has already told him that those foods were bad for his health.

“How do you think about the restaurant’s environment that I personally booked? I know that you prefer this scene, right?” Tony said sarcastically.

“That is enough, Tony!” Pepper said as she was ashamed of Tony’s behavior.

Dio, on the other hand, wasn’t angry at all, he knew that Tony should be in pain by now, and Dio was amused that Tony could still make many snide remarks like that.

Tony then poured a glass of red wine for Dio and said that he had a soft spot for that restaurant for its tasty dessert, like the Organic Ice Cream that they were about to taste later.

“You know, this 2009 wine isn’t that good. I heard that the grapes that year was tasteless compared to the year before. I would like to recommend a 30$ 2007 Wine, which tastes better if I should say so myself.” Dio said confidently.

“Yeah, I would also say the same. 2009 Wine isn’t that good. I guess I should start to appreciate you more after knowing that you know your wine, huh!” Tony said sarcastically.

The snide comment continued between the two men sitting in the same table, making Pepper almost lost her mind.

She quickly shouted for both of them to stop and shut up, the two of them immediately shut up and sat while frowning like a child.

Dio then ate the food in front of him and quite surprised because the junk food still tasted good after he hasn’t eaten it for quite a while.

He ate the cheeseburger in front of him while occasionally took Tony’s French fry.

Tony then growled while saying, “Hey, it’s mine!”

Dio ignored Tony and continued eating his cheeseburger like nothing happened.

Although they no longer quarreling like a kid, the two of them stubbornly stuffed their mouth with so many foods to prevent each other from winning!

Pepper, who sat between them, was at her wits’ end and shook her heads in frustration.

After a whole box of pizza, five sets of cheeseburgers, half bottle of red wine, Tony finally gave up and immediately ran toward the restroom.

Dio wiped his mouth casually with a satisfied look on his face, while Pepper helplessly looked over to Dio in a questioning manner.

After a few minutes, Pepper said, “Excuse me, I will look for Tony, he took too long in the restroom.”

Dio shrugged and called the waiter, “Give me a large serving of Organic Ice Cream.”

That was almost the same time that Tony got out of the restroom, and once he saw that Dio was still ordering food, he almost vomited again and went back to the restroom immediately.

Ten minutes later, Tony got out of the restroom all pale while Dio was still sitting on the table, enjoying his Organic Ice Cream.

Pepper quickly sent away the waiters as she knew that Dio was done, and Tony didn’t have an appetite anymore.

Pepper said that originally, she invited Dio to express her gratitude again, although that didn’t seem to work.

Dio quickly said that he didn’t mind the mess as he found that the Organic Ice Cream was really delicious.

Dio even offered the Ice Cream that he ordered to Tony as Tony did say that the Ice Cream was delicious earlier.

Tony covered his mouth and pushed the Ice Cream to the side while his face looked like someone who was on the verge of puking again.

Pepper was speechless as she found Dio was not that far off compared to Tony.

Dio smirked and quickly said, “The vomit of Palladium Poisoning Symptom should be much worse than that.”

Tony, who heard that immediately stiffened, and Pepper was left shocked!

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