Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 151


Pepper immediately asked Tony, “Is everything that Dio has just said was true?

Tony looked at Pepper and lost every bit of confidence that he had, he didn’t know what to say as he didn’t want to lie to Pepper.

Tony looked at Dio, and he didn’t see any shred of joking in Dio’s face.

Tony knew that Dio didn’t do that because he wanted to mock Tony, but he was doing that after seeing Tony hasn’t recovered after not seeing him for a while.

Tony didn’t ignore the sickness that he had; in fact, he has already searched for anything that could be used to reduce the level of Palladium in his system.

He drank the chlorophyll juice every day, but it didn’t seem to produce any result!

All the juice did was reduced the symptoms that the Palladium poisoning caused!

So, Tony decided to come clean to Pepper, as he realized that he couldn’t hide it any longer.

“Yes, Pepper, it’s all true! The Arc Reactor that was supposed to support my life was poisoning me, I don’t intend to hide this from you, but I don’t want you to worry over me.” Tony said solemnly.

Pepper sat there while looking at Tony without any words.

This time she was angry at Tony!

If Dio wasn’t there to tell her that Tony was sick, she knew that Tony would never say anything to her!

She kept thinking, will Tony come clean once he was in his death bed or at his funeral?

Pepper then told Tony, “You must trust others when you clearly can’t do it yourself, you aren’t omniscient!”

There was prone to be something that he couldn’t do, and that thing will take away his life and his sanity eventually, like what was currently happening!

Tony argued, “I don’t know who to believe for my sickness, I know that the doctor won’t be able to help me and Dio is like some voodoo doctor, I don’t want to give up my body to become his experimental project!”

Pepper was silent after hearing Tony’s argument, but she looked quite furious that Tony was still that stubborn!

“May I deliver the good news and the bad news now? You might like to hear it first!” Dio said casually on the side as he didn’t want to see that the couple fought anymore.

Tony and Pepper nodded simultaneously, and Dio smirked at Tony for that.

Dio said, “The good news is that Tony won’t die if he came to me at the very least once every three days for treatment, the bad news is that is the only thing that I can do for now. Also, Tony can’t wear the Iron Suit for the moment because using the suit would accelerate the poison. The only thing that can really heal Tony from this Palladium poisoning was to change the element that he used to create the Arc Reactor!”

Dio lied this time, he could easily heal Tony and made him immune to the Palladium altogether using the power of [Gold Experience].

But it was better that way, Tony will be forced to come to his restaurant constantly, and he will gain so much money from Tony!

Also, Dio knew that finding the new element for Tony’s Arc Reactor was the only way for Iron Man to progress!

Dio knew that the new element had something to do with Tony’s dad.

The world crisis that Tony will experience later was beyond his imagination, he must improve himself to make sure that he could deal with the troubles later.

Dio knew that Tony would sacrifice himself for the sake of humankind in the future!

Dio had to make sure that Tony will become the leader of the avengers to realize everything.

So, he had to make sure that Tony was alive until that time!

Dio was a smooth talker, he knew that he would find a way to make Tony take his offer.

Dio said to Tony, “I don’t do this for money, but it is for your sake as I don’t want to see the Iron Man died just because he can’t handle his suit!”

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2 thoughts on “Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 151

  1. Ryan says:

    Or he could just use the ability to remove the scrapnel so Tony doesn’t need the arc reactor in his chest.

    1. naosouonight says:

      If Dio solves all the problems for Tony then Iron Man wont progress. Tony discovering a new element to power his suit was a step forward for Iron Man and propelled his technology forward.

      Plus, like Dio said, if he just outrights cure Tony he will lose out money.

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