Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 152


“That’s not gonna happen! I am Iron man, and the suit is mine to use!” Tony said to Dio as he couldn’t let go of his suit.

“I didn’t say that you should give it up, you know. You can wear it again after you got the new element for your Arc Reactor. I just saying that you should take some time off!” Dio said as he explained himself to Tony.

“No, I still could do everything by myself. I am fine without your help!” Tony said stubbornly.

Tony’s word enraged Pepper, “What if you can’t find a new element? What if you died in that steel armor? We can’t take this risk anymore! Have you considered my feelings?”

She thought that Tony has already given up on his stubbornness and would focus on his health first, but she was wrong!

Pepper slapped Tony and walked out of the restaurant while calling Tony an asshole!

Tony quickly followed Pepper outside and surprised after seeing that Pepper was already inside the car and drove away, leaving Tony alone.

Happy, who was Tony’s bodyguard, quickly followed outside as he realized that Pepper drove away.

“You let her drive away like this?” Tony said while feeling frustrated now.

Happy quickly said, “Boss, I tried to stop her, but Miss Pepper is the current CEO of the Stark Industries. In theory, all my salaries are signed and paid by Miss Pepper, so I …”

“Stop! I understand.”

At the same time, Dio walked out of the restaurant and quickly got inside his Porsche.

Tony saw Dio entered the car and immediately shouted, “Hey, aren’t you going to take us for a ride? I am the one who invites you to dinner.”

Dio quickly flipped the bird to Tony’s direction and said, “Pepper is right, you are bastard!”

After saying that, Dio quickly drove away, leaving Tony looking miserable in front of the restaurant.

The next day, Dio moved all his belonging to his new home.

He had rented another villa with a better environment and view than the last one.

Jessica has already solved the bombed villa case, and the insurance company had agreed to pay for the cost of the destroyed villa to the owner, Dio was thankful for Jessica’s help, for he didn’t have to pay a penny to compensate the owner.

As he was stuffing his belonging to his new home, Natasha called via the snail, “Our actions are likely to be exposed, and all the spy agents we have targeted have disappeared.”


“Some people are missing, and their whereabouts are unknown. All the rest were killed, and they were in the process of missions because various ‘accidents’ led to death.”

“The last time you contacted me, didn’t you say that SHIELD would give me an explanation? This is  the explanation?”

“Sorry, there are not many people we can trust now, and the other party is very decisive.”


“So we need your help to find another way to track Hydra’s agent, and helping us is also helping you.”

Dio was instantly annoyed as he heard that Natasha was asking for his help, he quickly said,  “No, no, no, I think you may have misunderstood. Helping you and myself to solve is actually two different things. SHIELD had already refused my help when all of that farce started, and now when everything went south, SHIELD suddenly asked for my help?”

But after some thought, Dio immediately realized that the Hydra had infiltrated the SHIELD’s rank deeper than he thought.

Natasha then tried to convince Dio again, “We have the same enemies, so this isn’t the time to get salty over spilled water!”

Dio quickly answered,  “I  am willing to help if SHIELD agreed to use my method to erase Hydra once and for all! SHIELD’s method won’t work with the enemy that has already infiltrated so deep!”

Dio knew that he had to do something about Hydra’s method of doing things.

He knew that if Hydra were left alone, the world would change for the worse!

Dio knew that eventually, Captain America would deal with the Hydra, but it will be too late, and the Hydra has already gotten what they needed to turn the world into their playground!

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