Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 153


Natasha was left speechless after hearing Dio’s demand, she couldn’t decide if Dio’s way was better than Hydra infiltrating SHIELD like what currently happened, as she knew that Dio could become unreasonable sometimes.

So, she said, “I will talk to Nick Fury because I can’t decide things alone. I will be in touch with you again soon.”

After the call ended, Dio was left with a sour mood, and Jessica, who arrived later that day, didn’t know what happened to make Dio that moody.

On Monday, another uninvited guest came to his restaurant.

Will immediately hid in Dio’s office as he didn’t want to deal with that guest.

Fortunately for Will, Tony didn’t come to talk about what had happened in the Stark Industries’ Event, he came to talk to Dio about his health!

He was accompanied by Pepper, for they seem to already reconcile for Tony’s bad behavior on Saturday night.

Dio came out and immediately said, “It is supposed to be Mr. Luo Nan and his wife who will come for a treatment, I don’t remember to have your name on the list.”

Tony smugly said, “Unfortunately, Mr. Luo Nan and his wife is going on a vacation after getting enough money to get by for a couple of generation after I bought his game company. They were kind enough to give their appointment with you as a gift.”

Dio sighed and told Pepper, “I won’t understand a rich people’s way of thinking any time soon.”

Pepper chuckle a little bit.

Tony then told Dio, “We have to get start with the treatment soon because I have another event that I must attend in the afternoon. I can give you a ticket for my Iron Man show later tonight if you want to see Heroic Iron Man up close.”

Pepper quickly reprimanded, “Remember your promise!”

Tony pursed his lips and ordered a cup of vegetable juice with less celery to Dio before turning quiet like a kid.

Dio sighed and told Pepper, “You should install a zipper on his mouth.”

Tony couldn’t stop himself from saying, “You are very rude to your customer. There must be a lot of complaints from the customer who came to your restaurant all this time!”

Pepper immediately smacked Tony’s head and said, “You really don’t understand anything. Dio doesn’t do this for money, he doesn’t want your money, and you should be thankful for that! I will instantly leave you in pain alone if you still behaved so rudely!”

Tony quickly shut up and calmed himself down as he knew that there was no money, fame, connection, or anything that could replace Pepper.

As Tony was already calm, Dio has already come back from the kitchen with a glass of green liquid and put it in front of Tony.

Tony was a little bit surprised to see the liquid inside the glass, it looked very unusual!

He quickly asked sarcastically, “Are you sure this liquid won’t make me dying faster?”

Dio sighed once again and said, “It is all up to you. I won’t force you to drink it.”

Tony was a little bit annoyed by Dio’s constantly belittling him, but he couldn’t throw another temper tantrum as he was afraid that Pepper would really do what she has just threatened him with.

So, he immediately took the glass and prepared himself from the disgusting flavor that will taste soon.

Before Tony could even drink the juice, Dio quickly stopped him and said, “You must pay first before consuming the juice. The price has risen, you must pay a million dollars for it!”

Tony was shocked to hear the juice’s price had risen to an unreasonable price, he wanted to say some profanity towards Dio, but Pepper quickly refuted, “I will pay you with check later.”

Pepper didn’t care about the money at all, as she knew that Tony’s life was worth more than money could buy!

Tony sat silently while Pepper was signing the check for Dio, he couldn’t say no to Pepper as she did that for himself!

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