Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 154


After Pepper handed the check to Dio, he immediately said, “You should drink the juice now and don’t panic because the treatment process that will take effect later.”

Tony wanted to say some profanity towards Dio, but he decided not to as he saw Pepper was looking at him with an expectation on her face.

He quickly drank the juice as he was afraid to smell and taste the juice in front of him, but as he drank it, he didn’t smell any bad aroma from the juice, and the taste itself had a very sweet and smooth flavor.

“Sweet, cool, smooth, and a fragrance is reverberating in my mouth… how could this be possible!?” Tony was surprised as he knew that there was nothing like it, he has already drunk a fair share of green juice, but none of them had such sweet fragrance and exquisite taste before!

He suddenly no longer cared about the million dollars that he has just spent on the juice as he knew that he could drink that juice every day!

He quickly emptied the glass as he was very satisfied with the taste.

Pepper didn’t believe the scene that unfolded in front of her, she thought that Tony would spit it out or even refused to drink it after a few sips, but Tony drank it the whole way instead!

Tony even asked for another glass of juice after he finished his portion!

Dio immediately said, “You can have another one after two days if you want to. Now you better go to the bathroom quickly, or I will charge you an extra cleaning fee if you make a mess in the dining room.”

Pepper immediately told Tony, “You should obey Dio’s word. The effect of the treatment was simply bad news.”

But Tony persistently stayed as he said, “I have already had worse drink than that, and I don’t feel like puking or anything.”

Dio smirked at him as he waited for the shows to happen.

Sure enough, after he finished speaking, Tony felt a strong sense of nausea and vomited a black liquid and some of the juices that he drank earlier.


He also felt a strong sense of crisis coming down fast in his stomach, he immediately launched himself to the direction of toilets that Dio pointed earlier.

Thanks to Tony vomiting earlier, Will was forced to come out from the office, “Who the Fxxx puke on here!?” He couldn’t stand the smell!

Dio hurriedly said, “You should open all windows to air the stench out, and you should clean all the mess before Tony came out of the toilet!”

Will immediately panicked as he didn’t want to face Tony at that moment, so he quickly opened all windows, clean the vomit, and sprayed a bunch of air fresheners so that everyone in the dining room could breathe without covering their nose!

Ten minutes later, Tony came out from the toilets looking fatigued and weak.

He immediately told Pepper, “I need an ambulance right away.”

Pepper immediately asked Dio, “Is Tony okay?”

Dio immediately reassured her, “Don’t worry, it’s only the treatment process, Tony has just lost some blood, but after a good rest, he should be back to normal.”

Pepper sighed in relief and helped Tony to sit back down again, while Dio ordered Will to clean the toilets.

Tony coldly asked, “What the hell did you do to me? I felt like I almost died in the toilet.”

Dio had no intention to explain himself from the looks of it, and he quickly said,  “Check your chest.”

Tony quickly did so and was shocked to see that the black line from the symptom of having the Palladium poisoning was gone, but he wasn’t sure as he knew that Dio did say that relieving the symptom alone wasn’t enough!

He looked at Dio again, and Dio quickly said, “The black liquid that you just vomited and shat in the toilet was the toxin inside your body!”

Tony quickly took something out of his pocket and ordered Jarvis to check the Palladium level on his system!

Not long after that, Jarvis’ voice was heard, “The Palladium level on your blood is 5.6%!”

Tony immediately looked relieved as he knew that the Palladium level on his system had dropped 10% compared to before he came to Dio’s restaurant.

That was incredible, with that juice he could take his time to find the new element for his Ark Reactor, he didn’t have to be afraid that the Ark Reactor will kill him any longer!

Tony surely didn’t regret spending a million dollars on the juice. In fact, he was willing to spend even ten million dollars for it!

The one thing that was different from before was that he had to look at Dio with different lights now, Dio surely possessed some miracle on his side.

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