Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 155


“How are you feeling, Tony?” Pepper asked in concern.

“I am better, I don’t feel heavy anymore, but now I am hungry!” Tony said while rubbing his stomach.

After hearing Tony’s word, Pepper was very grateful towards Dio, she looked at him while also implying what Tony should eat next, she really wanted the best for Tony, and she also trusted Dio with her life and therefore she will make sure that Tony would follow every single one of Dio’s advice.

Dio sighed and told Pepper, “Hunger after the treatment is normal and any normal food is okay, you can take him anywhere except my restaurant because my food is too strong for him.”

Pepper immediately asked, “Is there anything that Tony had to avoid in his diet?”

Dio thought about it for a second and smirked a little bit, he knew that Tony loved his junk food, and that was the time to get back at him!

Dio immediately said, “Any healthy food will be okay as Tony shouldn’t have any problem with those, but Tony must eat less junk food, especially cheeseburger!”

Dio said all that with a solemn face, Pepper nodded her head in understanding.

Tony looked at Dio with frowns on his face. His life will become quite complicated without having the cheeseburger in his diet.

Dio also reminded Tony, “You can come again after two days, but if you still feel a little bit woozy, you can postpone it until you regain your strength again.”

Tony frowned as he knew that Pepper would do anything to make sure that Tony obeyed everything Dio said, he knew that Dio was only taking a piss out of him, but Tony couldn’t say anything as everything that Dio said was completely logical!

Tony also asked Dio, “Can I buy the juice? It will save our time a lot.”

Dio answered, “The juice will lose its effect once it was too far from me, you can prove my word by taking the next juice to home, but if it lost its effect, then you can’t complain.”

Tony frowned as it would be a hassle to come there every two days.

Tony asked,  “Can you come to my house to deliver the juice himself? I will increase the payment if you do that.”

Dio shook his head while ignoring Tony’s request.

Tony sighed in defeat as that meant Dio wouldn’t do anything he asked, and he must come back here in two days.

After leaving another 10.000 dollars for the cleaning fees, Tony left with Pepper to go back to the seaside villa as Tony wanted to continue working.

Will came out after Tony left as he was hiding himself back in Dio’s office after he was done cleaning the toilets, he still didn’t want to face Tony as he was afraid that Tony would mock him or even sue him for fraud.

Dio saw that Will was still looking out for Tony, and therefore he told Will, “Relax bro, he already left.”

Dio also left Will 10.000 dollars for the cleaning fee.

Dio won’t forget about Will as Will was like a brother to Dio, and Will was left to clean after the guest alone; thus, the cleaning fee was his!

Dio, on the other hand, couldn’t give more than that to Will as he was afraid that Will would go back to his old ways and started using drugs or made another bad attempt to join another gang again.

Will was also thankful to Dio, while he knew that Dio had much more money than Will, it didn’t faze him.

He knew that he was like a brother to Dio, and he knew that Dio would pay him fairly.

If it weren’t for Dio, Will would’ve died in a ditch somewhere.

Will also knew that with a job of cleaning a restaurant and occasionally answered the phone it wasn’t worth 10.000 dollars of payment as many people could do that kind of job easily!

Not long after Tony left, a Russian Man came out of the corner of an alley with a toothpick on his mouth, he looked over to the restaurant that Tony entered and then looked out over the way that Tony left!

He began to walk back towards the alley silently as he made his plans again.

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