Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 156


At night, Dio was surprised by an unknown caller who sounded like Natasha said, “We are in ambush, Director Fury is a Hydra Agent!”

And the call suddenly ended just like that, Dio was a little confused as he knew that Nick Fury wasn’t a Hydra Agent, there was no way that the baldy would join the Hydra ranks!

In his confusion, Dio tried to call Natasha’s original number, which didn’t connect, and he also tried to reach Natasha via the snail that he gave her. It also didn’t work, but Dio knew that the snail was still alive!

Dio became more confused as he didn’t know anything about Nick Fury as a Hydra Agent, why would Natasha jump to a conclusion stating that Nick Fury was a Hydra Agent?

Dio even wondered if that was really the real Marvel Cinematic Universe that he knew! But he knew that he couldn’t jump into conclusion without taking any action. He must find Natasha and ask her himself!

Dio quickly left the villa and took his car towards Little Remo’s clone that Natasha had.

With Natasha having the snail, Dio could know her whereabout anytime he wanted!

After a while, he finally noticed that he was being followed by several cars, he immediately suspected those people were either from Hydra or the SHIELD, it might be Hydra who mixed in with SHIELD too!

As he couldn’t determine whether the people tailing him were Hydra or not, Dio refrained himself from killing them.

As he already knew that he was being tailed, Dio circled around instead of heading straight towards the snail’s location.

Once again, Dio was called by an unknown number, he immediately answered the call as he assumed that it was Natasha once again.


Sure enough, it was Natasha’s voice telling him that they should meet at the Hudson River, as she was currently hiding in a safe house near that place.

Dio was confused once again as the direction given, and the location of the snail was completely different! He began to think that Natasha had lost the snail somehow, and she couldn’t take the snail with her and forced to hide.

So, Dio drove towards the place Natasha said on the phone. He knew that if the call itself was a trap, he didn’t need to hold back.

Once in the Hudson River, the unknown number called once again, but this time, it wasn’t Natasha’s voice!

It was a man’s voice telling him, “Have you seen that barbershop? Go in and walk straight in, regardless of anyone. There is a safe house inside.”

Dio asked who he was talking to, and he also asked, “Who are you? Where is Natasha?”

The man said, “Agent Romanov is safe for the moment, and you should head to the safe house to know the answer.”

Dio frowned, while the situation suddenly became more interesting, it was still a hassle!

Dio quickly went inside the barbershop and tried to push the tall mirror, but the mirror didn’t budge. He tried to use brute force to force his way through, but before he accomplished doing so, the mirror slid to the right, revealing an elevator inside.

Dio was quite surprised to see that the safe house was underground, but he still walked in without hesitation.

The elevator began to descend, and once it stopped, someone welcome Dio, “Mr. Dior, it’s nice to meet you. I’m the one who just talked to you just now. I’m a sixth-level agent of SHIELD, Sitwell.”

Dio ignored Sitwell’s friendly talk and immediately asked, “Where is Natasha? What happened?”

Sitwell immediately said, “Agent Romanov is currently being treated for the injuries that she suffered after a failed espionage. Because of the injuries that she got, she informed us that she needed you, so we asked you to come instead.”

Dio asked once again, “Is Natasha here or not?”

Sitwell immediately said, “Agent Romanov is still undergoing treatment, and you will soon meet her in person.”

Sitwell also informed Dio that Agent Romanov had left something for Dio to see, and the information that was about to be given to Dio was the reason that Agent Romanov suffered the injuries in the first place!

Dio asked Sitwell once again, “What did Natasha get at the risk of her life? Are you sure you gave it to me like this? An outsider? This is not like the style of SHIELD.”

Sitwell assured Dio that it was only because Agent Romanov insisted on giving the information to Dio that they relented and did as she asked.

Sitwell smiled towards Dio as he finished telling his story to Dio, he didn’t care even if Dio had doubts about his story!

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