Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 157


Dio listened to Agent Sitwell’s explanation and followed him to another room where Agent Sitwell gave Dio a file bag.

“As you know, SHIELD has its own rules, so even if Agent Romanov guarantees you, you still can’t take these things away. You can only look at it here, and we will destroy it after we look at it.”

Dio immediately looked into the file and read every file inside the bag.

It contained every bit of information that Natasha discovered in her investigation. It also stated that she once reported a new name that was suspected as a Hydra Agent to Nick Fury, the suspect was either M.I.A or dead the next day!

The real confusing matter was Nick Fury had met up with Agent Jason in secret, Dio knew that Agent Jason was the Agent who killed his parent and an Agent of Hydra, that heavily implied that Nick Fury was one of Hydra Agent!

While Dio was still trying to figure things out, Agent Sitwell explained, “After discovering these anomalies, Agent Romanov chose to investigate Director Nick Fury secretly. This time he met with Agent Jason in secret. The video was taken by Agent Romanov quietly during the tracking, but unfortunately, her trusted Agent Coulson sold her, so Agent Romanov walked into a trap unknowingly.”

Agent Sitwell said, “Fortunately, she has already made a safety protocol to send for help. We are barely able to help her in time!”

Even though there was nothing wrong with the explanation, Dio still felt weird as he thought that Agent Sitwell told him way too much information while he knew that SHIELD wouldn’t do something like that.

Dio asked, “Why did you tell me this?”

Agent Sitwell immediately answered, “after rescuing Agent Romanov, we can’t find Phil Coulson and Nick Fury anywhere. Many Agents started to panic as the director of SHIELD was a traitor, so high-ranking Agents immediately demand Secretary Alexander Pierce come back and become the new director of SHIELD. Alexander Pierce said that you could have all the information that we have to find the traitors!”

Dio sighed, he realized that he was currently in Hydra hideout!

Nick Fury and Coulson were Hydra Spies? Was Alexander Pierce, the good guy? Yeah right!

But Dio must compliment those people on their acting skill; nonetheless, if it weren’t Dio that they tried to convince, those people would’ve succeeded.

Dio smirked and coldly said, “I don’t need anyone’s help. If I really want to, I can find everyone alone!”

Agent Sitwell didn’t seem to be satisfied with Dio’s answer and thus tried to convince him again, “I am afraid that you will be fooled again by Nick Fury, and fell into the terrorist’s trap!”

Seeing that Dio was still not buying any of his words, Agent Sitwell tried to convince him emotionally, he said, “I know you can’t trust us. But we will do anything to help you with our best!”

This time Dio saw trough Agent Sitwell’s plan, Dio realized that the Hydra wanted to use his power to purge all real SHIELD Agents so they could rule the SHIELD entirely!

Dio knew that Hydra was supposed to be dormant at that time, but sadly because a certain incident spooked them, they were forced to act faster.

Maybe because that lack of planning, Nick Fury sniffed them out and came up with a countermeasure to remove as many Hydra Agent as possible and save as many SHIELD agents as he could!

If that was the truth, everything made sense!

Hydra indeed still had their claws deep in SHIELD’s rank, but they weren’t as powerful as they were supposed to if they waited for a few more years!

Dio asked, “Does SHIELD really will give me anything I want?”

Agent Sitwell quickly nodded his head and said, “As long as your demand within our capabilities, we will get it for you.”

Dio smirked, “I am starting to like you.”

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