Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 158


At the same time, as Dio was in the safe house with Agent Sitwell, Natasha was captured and tied down in an electric chair inside the supposed safe house!

She was bleeding all over with her eyes blindfolded, and her mouth gagged.

The Agent of Hydra was really made sure that the Black Widow couldn’t do anything at that moment.

They know what she was capable of, and there must be no mistake on their ends!

They even staged the shooting while Natasha called Dio the first time, and they also made sure that she told everything that they wanted her to tell Dio!

Natasha was quite surprised on Hydra’s counter attack, she didn’t expect them to go all out like that and even killed many junior agents in the process.

She felt hopeless as Dio still hasn’t saved her as she thought that Dio would be coming for her after such a confusing call, but she knew that she must do something!

She squirmed and tried to get the Hydra Agent’s attention!

One agent soon came towards her removed the tape that shut her mouth, “What do you want?”

She quickly said, “I have to go to the bathroom.”

The Agent sighed and said, “You can do it here.”

They knew that Natasha was capable of many things, even if she really was a beauty, she was also deadly!

The Agent tried to reapply the tape to her mouth again, but he was quite surprised to see that Natasha was able to break free and kicked him in the crotch!

Natasha quickly reached for the Agent’s gun and immediately shot everyone in the room!

She didn’t let anybody react to her speed at all!

After all agents that captured her were dead, she quickly searched for the snail and immediately contacted Dio and said, “I already killed all the Hydra Agent on my side. Where are you?”

She knew that Dio wouldn’t be in much trouble with his power, and thus Natasha didn’t really think much of Dio’s situation.

Dio quickly told Natasha, “Here is good, Hydra trying their best to recruit me. Do you need any equipment? They said they would give me anything.”

Natasha immediately told Dio several pieces of equipment that she wanted and then asked, “What are you going to do? What I need to do for cooperation?”

Dio immediately said, “I will come for Alexander Pierce at his office next. You should focus on finding Nick Fury and make sure to save him!”

Natasha immediately said that she understood and told Dio to be careful as she cut the communication down.

Natasha immediately searched for any decent clothes that she could use and immediately rearmed herself!

Natasha could escape because Dio helped her escape!

The rope that tied her was mysteriously cut loose, and she immediately knew that the invisible creature from Dio’s power was helping her!

Dio smirked as he has already set Natasha free before he drove towards Agent Sitwell’s location!

The handcuff was nothing to the infamous Black Widow, as there was not yet a cuff that could restrain her completely.

That was also why Dio couldn’t believe anything that Agent Sitwell said to him from the very beginning!

After Dio finished talking with Natasha, he looked at Agent Sitwell and smiled, “I want 10 tons of gold.”

Agent Sitwell was left speechless as he didn’t know what to do, and so, Dio quickly asked, “How?”

Agent Sitwell immediately said, “10 tons of gold is impossible for me. I need to ask Director Pierce for it.”

Dio smirked as he knew that it would be completely impossible for Hydra to agree with his term, he knew that Hydra needed all the money they could have to ensure the success of their projects!

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